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Home » 10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon How to Pick, Prepare & Store 2022

10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon How to Pick, Prepare & Store 2022

10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon How to Pick, Prepare & Store 2022

10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon How to Pick, Prepare & Store 2022

The honeydew melon is one of the two main cultivar types in the Cucumis melo Inodorus Group. It is characterized by the smooth rind and lack of musky odour. The other main type in the Inodorus Group is the wrinkle-rind casaba melon. 

Cucumis melo, commonly called the melon, is herbaceous whose fruit is famous worldwide for its sweet flavour and juicy texture. However, there are a large number of varieties or types of melons. For example, most melons can be classified as either winter or summer. While the latter are highly aromatic and spoil quickly, the former have smoother rinds and are less perishable.

In this EcologíaVerde article, we will mention some of the most common ones and, in addition, we will see what general guidelines must be followed to learn how to grow melons in the garden orchard.

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  1. Cantaloupe
  2. Toad skin melon
  3. yellow melon
  4. Gaul
  5. Branco or white melon
  6. Hami or Chinese melon
  7. arus or Japanese melon
  8. Jabari melon
  9. How to grow melons
10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon How to Pick, Prepare & Store 2022


They are of American origin and produced worldwide, even in private gardens. For example, its use is very typical for desserts and main dishes and making smoothies or milkshakes. Its skin is thickly reticulated, and its pulp is orange, like a salmon tone, very aromatic and sweet.

Toad skin melon

The Piel de Sapo melon is one of the most popular summer melons. This is one of the melons with a slight aroma but with a great sweet and intense flavour when well ripened. It is cultivated, above all, in Castilla La Mancha (Spain).

yellow melon

It is very similar to the Piel de Sapo melon, with a crunchy texture and sweet pulp. It is also known as winter melon and is divided, in turn, into two types of melons: the golden-yellow melon and the canary yellow melon.


The Galia melon is of Israeli origin, although it is currently consumed worldwide. It is pretty spherical, with a rind from green to yellow, especially when the fruit is more mature. The pulp of this type of melon can be white, yellow or orange and has a somewhat buttery texture.

10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon How to Pick, Prepare & Store 2022
10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon How to Pick, Prepare & Store 2022

Branco or white melon

Se le llama así por su pálido color, ya que su nombre significa “blanco” en portugués. Es el melón de verano predominante en la zona del Ribatejo, en Portugal, y también es muy consumido y cultivado en Turquía. Son melones de gran tamaño.

Hami o melón chino

Estos melones, de intenso color amarillo, son los más comunes en la zona de Asia que va de Corea a la India, siendo China su principal consumidor y productor. Es el melón predominante en esta zona y, por ello, también se conoce a esta fruta amarilla y dulce como melón chino.

Melón arus o japonés

This variety, the predominant variety in Japan, has a greyish skin with marked writing on the surface, reminiscent of the design of the Piel de Sapo melon or the cantaloup, but more marked. It is known as Japanese melon and is very sweet, as it is very rich in sugars.

Jabari melon

Yubari melons have been in some periods the most expensive fruit in history and, although they currently continue to have a high price, they are far from the 100,000 dollars that were paid for some. To take care of their unique flavour and sweetness, they are grown with individual hats to protect each fruit from sunlight. Another marked characteristic is that its pulp is orange.

How to grow melons

If you want to enjoy extensive and tasty melons, follow these recommendations that we give you to grow melons at home optimally.

10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon How to Pick, Prepare & Store 2022
10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon How to Pick, Prepare & Store 2022


The melon is a plant that needs a significant amount of light, in addition to a warm and stable temperature. However, if you live in a tropical or scorching area, you’ll do well to keep the plant out of direct sunlight during the harshest hours of the day. Find a location where the plant receives light during the afternoon, and if there are frigid days, cover it with some plastic or fabric that acts as a greenhouse.

watering melons

Since melon fruits have a large amount of liquid, it is normal for the plant to need a lot of water to develop giant and tasty melons. In the hot months, water your melons daily, ensuring that the plant’s soil is never too dry but always without flooding. In the cold months, reduce the irrigation doses so that the earth does not cool down too much, which would harm the plant.

fertilizer for melons

The melon also needs soil rich in organic matter. For this reason, in the months in which the plant is active, fertilize it with compost or earthworm humus once a month or every 15 days. In cold months, you can cut the fertilizer in half.

If you like to prepare your materials for horticulture or gardening, do not hesitate to make your compost. Here we tell you everything about Organic Fertilizer, what it is, its types, benefits and how to do it.

Plagues and diseases

This plant can be quite prone to attack by insects and pests. Using hydrogenated manure before the rainy season can help prevent these attacks. If your melons still show signs of plague, use natural insecticide according to the specific species.

If you want to know more about the cultivation of this fruit, do not hesitate to consult this other EcologíaVerde article in which we tell you when and how to plant melons.

10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon How to Pick, Prepare & Store 2022
10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon How to Pick, Prepare & Store 2022

How to choose the perfect melon

Do you love melons, but you are unsure which melon to choose? Let us guide you on a journey to discover fantastic melons by showing you how to select the best ones. Nothing is more delicious than a juicy sweet melon shared around a table with friends and family. To give you an advantage when searching for the perfect melon in the supermarket, we have created a cheat sheet for each range of melons and their different indicators of freshness and ripeness.

Meon Charentais

A Charentais melon can differ depending on the location or time of year. In summer, Charentais melons are recognized for their intense aroma and flavour. These melons are generally available in spring and summer due to the lower storage capacity compared to other melons. This fruit is usually firmer and less aromatic in winter but does not usually lose its sweetness.

A ripe Charentais melon should smell sweet and aromatic in summer, not too firm but somewhat firm when slightly pressed.

Gaul Melon

The Galia is a type of melon that is pale yellow or golden and green on the outside and has a fresh and characteristic aroma and a sweet flavour.

When you look for a Galia melon, check that it has skin with a sweet aroma that will indicate that it is not green. The fruit should also be firm all over when light pressure is applied.

Toad skin melon

It is a white-fleshed melon with exceptional quality and honeyed flavour and sweetness. Restaurants and chefs demand it a lot, for this reason, creating tasty dishes that delight their customers. 

The Piel de Sapo is a traditional melon of Spanish cuisine. It’s easy to pick out a good one, looking for one that has lots of cracks along its skin. Today Piel de Sapo melons are available most of the year due to their excellent storage capabilities.


Watermelon looks not only fantastic but also tastes great. It’s sweet, crisp, refreshing, and tastes best when chilled.

A ripe watermelon sounds hollow when its skin is tapped.

10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon How to Pick, Prepare & Store 2022

Cantaloupe melon or rockmelon

Like the Charentais, the Cantaloupe melon has orange flesh and can be present throughout the year, depending on location. Some varieties have a slightly golden skin colour and often have an aromatic fragrance. Many newer types tend to be firmer and sweeter but with little or no aroma.

A ripe cantaloupe should give a little when you press your finger against the skin.

Remember that most melons will have a yellow spot on one side; this is entirely normal as this is where the fruit rests on the ground.

Now that you’ve selected the best and freshest melon in the store, we have over  30 fantastic melon recipes to help you create beautiful salads, sauces and appetizers. 

Nutrition FactsHoneydewHoneydewSources include: USDA

Amount Per 100 grams1 wedge (1/8 of 5-1/4″ dia melon) (125 g)1 NLEA serving (134 g)10 honeydew balls (138 g)1 wedge (1/8 of 6″ to 7″ dia melon) (160 g)1 cup, diced (approx 20 pieces per cup) (170 g)1 cup, balls (177 g)1 melon (5-1/4″ dia) (1,000 g)1 melon (6″ – 7″ dia) (1,280 g)100 grams
Calories 36
10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon How to Pick, Prepare & Store 2022
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0.1 g0%
Saturated fat 0 g0%
Cholesterol 0 mg0%
Sodium 18 mg0%
Potassium 228 mg6%
Total Carbohydrate 9 g3%
Dietary fiber 0.8 g3%
Sugar 8 g
Protein 0.5 g1%
10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon How to Pick, Prepare & Store 2022
Vitamin C30%Calcium0%
Iron1%Vitamin D0%
Vitamin B65%Cobalamin0%
10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon How to Pick, Prepare & Store 2022
*Per cent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon How to Pick, Prepare & Store 2022

Which is better honeydew melon or cantaloupe?

They both share similar nutritional benefits except for vitamin C and beta-carotene. Cantaloupe contains twice the amount of vitamin C as does honeydew, 61% DV versus 30% DV in honeydew. In vitamin A, Cantaloupe wins again with 68% DV compared to 1% DV in honeydew. Both are based on a 3.5-ounce serving

Is a honeydew melon good for you?

Honeydew is naturally low in both fat and cholesterol, making it a quick and healthy source of energy for your body. Honeydew is also packed with vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C. Vitamin A.

Is honeydew melon high in sugar?

Most melons are low sugar, too. Cantaloupe and honeydew melons are especially sweet and delicious, even though they only contain 8g of sugar per 100 grams. Watermelon can also be a tasty and refreshing snack, but it is surprisingly high in sugar

What are the benefits of honeydew melon?

10 Surprising Benefits of Honeydew Melon

  • Rich in Nutrients. …
  • May Help Reduce Blood Pressure. …
  • Contains Nutrients Vital to Bone Health. …
  • May Improve Blood Sugar Control. …
  • Rich in Electrolytes and Water. …
  • May Support Healthy Skin. …
  • May Boost Your Immune System. …
  • May Promote Proper Digestion.
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