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Home » 11 How to Plant, Grow, Care Gladiolus Flowers Planting tips 2022

11 How to Plant, Grow, Care Gladiolus Flowers Planting tips 2022

11 How to Plant, Grow, Care Gladiolus Flowers Planting tips 2022

11 How to Plant, Grow, Care Gladiolus Flowers Planting tips 2022

• Know the gladiolus

• Tips for planting gladiolus

• Tips for caring for gladiolus

• Which plants to associate them with?

Know the gladiolus

Very popular bulb plants in country gardens where they are usually grown to provide cut flowers, gladioli are very easy to grow and undemanding. The foliage reminiscent of swords is pure green, and the funnel-shaped flowers bloom between July and September depending on the planting time and last about two weeks. The colors are very varied, pastel or bright, in all colors except pure blue, often with several colors and a contrasting groove. They reach 80 cm to 1.20 m depending on the variety.

Gladiolus My Love

Tips for planting gladioli

Gladioli, in fact, corms, are marketed in the spring and shipped from mid-February to May. Gladioli are undemanding and grow in any good, well-drained, ordinary garden soil in full sun. Prefer locations sheltered from the winds which bend the stems of the gladioli.

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Prepare the ground by digging it to remove stones and weed roots. Enrich the soil if necessary with a special bulb fertilizer. Start installing gladioli bulbs from mid-April; flowering will occur about 10-12 weeks later. Stagger the planting of bulbs to obtain a spread-out flowering by planting bulbs approximately every fortnight.

The gladiolus bulb is planted about 10-12 cm deep, in a line or a clump of 10 to 20 bulbs. Water lightly after planting. Immediately provide staking for the tallest varieties.

Care tips for gladioli

Once established, gladioli require no care other than staking. Traditionally, gladioli are grown for the cut flower. When harvesting the flowers, avoid removing the foliage because it allows the bulb to replenish its reserves and thus ensure quality flowering the following year.

It is better to wait until the leaves are completely withered or browned by the frosts to pull out the bulbs in autumn. Once dried, the bulbs must be sorted by size and stored in a crate in a dark and frost-free place, such as the cellar or the garage. They can be replanted the following spring. In mild climates, the bulbs of gladioli the ground can be left in the ground, but they become less floriferous after a few years, producing many bulblets which only give leaves.

Which plants to associate them with?

Gladioli make excellent cut flowers that last about two weeks in a vase. They make a very beautiful effect in the garden planted in the company of dahlias, lilies, and montbretia in a sunny corner of the garden or vegetable patch to be able to compose your bouquets.

They can also be planted in tight clumps in beds of perennials or annuals to give them volume or in beds of recently planted shrubs to fill them out.

11 How to Plant, Grow, Care Gladiolus Flowers Planting tips 2022

Gladiolus: tips for a beautiful bloom

The gladiolus is one of the pretty flowers essential for beautiful gardens.

In summary, what you need to know:

Name: Gladiolus

Family: Iridaceae

Type: Bulbous

Height  : 50 to 100 cm

Exposure: Sunny

Soil: Ordinary

Flowering: Summer

  • To read: The gladiolus, majestic and popular at the same time

In summer, we take advantage of the magnificent flowers, and in winter, we take care to protect them from frost.

Gladiolus planting

The planting and maintenance of gladioli, from spring to winter, are made of small gestures that will improve flowering.

The gladiolus is planted in spring and until the beginning of summer at a depth of 10 cm, respecting a spacing of about 20/25 cm between each bulb.

Choose a rather sunny place and fairly light soil for a beautiful flowering.

Well-drained soil is essential when planting gladioli.

  • Standing water causes the bulbs to rot.
  • Find our tips for planting bulbs
  • How to plant bulbs in flooded or clay soil?

Gladiolus Care

This bulbous flower prefers warm places because otherwise, it does not bloom.

  • Choose a location in full sun.
  • Water in case of high heat or prolonged drought
  • Remove faded flowers as you go.

Its blooms are particularly pretty, making it a standout among cut flowers.

Gladioli will also make very attractive bedding or border plants when planted in small groups.

You can also grow them online for cut flower production and bouquet making.

Cut the gladioli flowers:

For the use of gladioli in a bouquet, the stems bearing the flowers can be cut off, provided some leaves are left on the stem.

If the stem is cut too short, the gladiolus may no longer flower the following year.

  • When cutting, take the opportunity to add fertilizer to make the bulb grow and improve flowering the following year.
  • Please wait until the leaves are completely withered before cutting them or pulling out the bulbs.

Blooming gladiolus

Regular watering and adding flower fertilizer will allow you to have spectacular and abundant flowering.

  • The application of fertilizer takes place rather in the spring
  • Choosing a bulb flower fertilizer
  • In summer, avoid wetting the foliage in case of high temperatures and water in the evening.
  • Remove faded flowers as you go to stimulate the appearance of new blooms.

Gladioli in winter

When the gladiolus foliage has turned yellow and not before, cut short, indeed, gladioli need to see the leaves turn yellow to build up their reserves for the next flowering.

In the fall, pull out, dry, and clean the bulbs with a brush and store them in a cool, dark place during the winter to replant them the following spring.

If your climate allows it and the winter remains mild, you can leave them in the ground throughout the winter. For this, it must not freeze in your area.

Gladiolus: How to plant, grow and care for gladiolus flowers.

Gladiolus is a beautiful flower that is very easy to grow in the garden. It is a perfect addition to flower beds, patios, and balconies. Gladioli are often used in colorful bouquets because the flowers come in many colors. Here are some tips for growing this plant.

Where, when, and how to plant gladioli?

La saison idéale pour planter les glaïeuls est le printemps et peut se prolonger jusqu’au début de l’été. Cette plante à bulbe peut être plantée à 10 cm de profondeur avec des bulbes individuels espacés d’environ 25 cm. Placez les boutures autour de chaque bulbe. Les glaïeuls sont connus comme les étoiles du bouquet. Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez les cultiver en rangées.

N’oubliez pas : la pointe du bulbe est dirigée vers le haut.

Choisissez un endroit ensoleillé. Les glaïeuls ne fleurissent pas à l’ombre, le plein soleil est donc important. Un sol léger est également important. Assurez-vous que le sol est bien drainé, car les bulbes sont très sensibles à l’humidité. Trop d’humidité peut faire pourrir l’oignon. Un sol riche et sablonneux est idéal.

La période de floraison est l’été, généralement de juin à septembre


If you want to enrich the soil, add compost in the fall, as gladioli do not like fresh manure. And if you want the plant to bloom all summer, you must repot it every ten days. Water regularly in hot weather and dry areas. Also, remove faded flowers little by little.

You can cut the flowering stems but leave some leaves on the stem! If you cut the stem too short, your gladiolus may not flower the following year. When you cut, you can add fertilizer to stimulate the growth of the next bulb.

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11 How to Plant, Grow, Care Gladiolus Flowers Planting tips 2022

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