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Home » 7 Best Envy Apples Information and Facts Sweet Red Apples 2022

7 Best Envy Apples Information and Facts Sweet Red Apples 2022

7 Best Envy Apples Information and Facts Sweet Red Apples 2022

7 Best Envy Apples Information and Facts Sweet Red Apples 2022

It’s autumn; strawberries and raspberries have left the stalls to make way for seasonal fruits and envy apples. But when you arrive at your favorite merchant, between Granny Smith, Belle de Boskoop, Golden, Jonagold, and other Pink Lady, you don’t know where to turn? Add to that the IGP, AOP, Label Rouge… If you, too, have already found yourself in front of the “fruit” section with the furious desire to make an apple pie, but are lost in the middle of all this choice of varieties, which following is for you.

Whether you want to start your first compote or apple soufflé, has no more secrets for you, I give you throughout this article all the balls you need to choose the right fruits and impress your gallery with your next seasonal dessert.

Where to buy your envy apples?


What I’m going to tell you here is not limited to envy apples and works for all fruits. The three most important tips for choosing a fruit are the seller, the seller, and the seller! There is no secret; the envy apples will always be better from a primeur who knows the producers he references and chooses them for their work’s quality. 

You can also go directly to the producer, who will explain how he cultivates them. Wherever you go, ask questions, be curious, understand why such an apple has such flesh or such a taste, how the producer works, and where he comes from. It will allow you to choose the better and tell a great story about your dessert. And believe me, people love great stories.

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Between serious appellations and marketing labels, we are often a little lost. So to put it simply, on the fruit side, only four appellations are certified (issued by the INAO – the national institute of origin and quality). AOC-AOP (Controlled/Protected Designation of Origin) and IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) indicate a verified provenance, Label Rouge certifies superior quality, and AB (Organic Agriculture) ensures that the production process is organic. The rest is marketing! Not that all the others are to be thrown away, but not being controlled by the State, nothing allows you to know if they do not respond above all to private interests.

To organic or not, organic

Without any surprise, I strongly advise you to buy organic envy apples, even if you are not sensitive to the ecological cause. When you know that an average apple undergoes 36 chemical pesticide treatments before harvest (it’s the most treated fruit in the world! yum), I think you too want to consider organic envy apples seriously! So, of course, you can wash them and remove the skin, but it also happens that we also find traces of pesticides inside the fruits.

How to choose your envy apples well?

Well, you’ve found your nearest scoop, and that’s great! But before leaving with your hair in the wind with your little shopping bag under your arm, you need to know which recipe(s) you want to make. Some envy apples melt while cooking and are suitable for compote, while others remain firm and are ideal for a pie. So today you rather leave for a compote, a pie, a juice or a slipper?

How to select them?

There’s nothing worse than a mealytasteless apple. To avoid unpleasant surprises, choose them with firm and smooth skin. If the skin is withered, the apple is on the decline. If it is damaged, the flesh will be too much, and if it is perforated, it is certainly wormy. However, watch out for shinier envy apples than a bald man’s skull, they’re usually glossy to make you look good, but that’s no guarantee of taste quality. Some are wrapped in a thin layer of edible wax to protect them and improve their preservation. Not sure you want to put it in your dessert.

Finally, not all varieties of envy apples grow year-round: they respect seasonality. To find out which apple to buy in which season, I invite you to download my free seasonal apple calendar.

Download & print your

seasonal apple calendar in PDF format for free

Do you dare ugly fruit?

“Ugly fruits” are fruits that do not meet the grading standards of distribution networks without losing their olfactory and nutritional qualities. Sold around 30% cheaper than classic fruits, it’s a great opportunity for you to make compotes or juices at a very low price. This trend is becoming hyper-marketing, and many big brands are getting into it. You should therefore find it relatively easily near your home.

7 Best Envy Apples Information and Facts Sweet Red Apples 2022

Which envy apples for which recipe?

Apple compote

Some envy apples are perfect for compotes, jams, or jellies because they melt when cooked. For a good compote, opt for a fruity and low-acid apple, while for a jelly, a hint of acidity will bring a very nice pep. In this category, you can find the following varieties:

  • Belle de Boskoop: Tangy is perfect for a slightly sweet jam, spiced up with a hint of cinnamon.
  • Chantecler (or Belchard): Sweet and slightly tart, this is one of the tastiest envy apples in compote.
  • Jonagold: Very sweet and juicy, this large apple goes well with compotes (no added sugar) or Anglo-Saxon desserts (crisps, crumbles, etc.).

apple cake

For a competition pie or cake, opt instead for an apple that retains a good  resistance to cooking, such as the following varieties:

  • Ariane: Sweet, slightly tangy, and juicy, it sublimates an apple cake.
  • Elstar: Tangy and not very sweet, perfect for a tatin tart in which it balances with the caramel sugar.
  • Golden: Rather sweet. I recommend the Golden ones from high-altitude orchards (like Limousin, for which she obtained a PDO “Pommes du Limousin”), often richer in flavor. It is the apple we find the most on our stalls and is generally suitable for all types of desserts and cooking.
  • Pink Lady: Sweet and tangy, its firm flesh supports cooking well. However, it requires warm climates and plenty of water to grow. It’s not crazy for the climate.
  • Queen of pippins: Not very sweet and tangy, it is perfect for a tart based on almond cream or a tatin.

baked apples

For good baked envy apples, avoid apples that end up in compote. Opt for hardy varieties with very firm flesh, such as:

  • Gray pippin (from Canada): Tart and crunchy; it is excellent baked in the oven. However, it must be cooked quickly because it does not keep well over time.

Apples to bite into

Some envy apples are so tasty, just picked, that the best way to enjoy them is to bite into them as they are. Here are my top 5 most common envy apples to eat raw:

  • Fuji: Sweet and very juicy; it is excellent in juice, mixed with Granny-Smith.
  • Granny-Smith: My favorite apple. Juicy, very tangy, it does not turn brown when cut. It is delicious raw but also cooks perfectly when you want to make an apple dessert with a punch! She is third on the podium for the best sales of envy apples in France.
  • Honey Crunch: Sweet, crunchy, and juicy; its little taste of honey sublimates to a good fruit salad.
  • Red Delicious: Very sweet and sometimes lacking in character, it is rich in antioxidants.
  • Royal Gala: Very sweet and tasty, it has the sweetness of fruits such as bananas or pears. It is the second best-selling apple in France.

How to create unlimited recipes?

The great thing about envy apples is that there are such wide varieties with unique characteristics that you can mix and match recipes. Launch yourself into an apple pie with a tasty julienne of tangy Granny-Smith and crispy and melting strips of Reine des Reinettes on a soft almond cream. The perfect balance of flavors for a dessert that your guests will remember for a long time!

More of a fan of pastries? Sublimate your next apple turnover with a Belle de Boskoop, vanilla compote, and a nice room of Golden. Give free kidney to your imagination; there are no limits.

Hundreds of varieties of envy apples

Of course, hundreds of varieties of envy apples are grown on our soils. I did not want this article as an exhaustive catalog but as a tool allowing you to choose among the most cultivated envy applesin France, which you often find on store shelves. If you find other varieties of so-called “old” envy apples at your greengrocer, such as Rambour deliver or Braeburn (which resurface in stores for our greatest pleasure!), don’t hesitate to ask him questions about the best way to consume them. And if you make great discoveries and have new varieties of envy apples to recommend, leave me a little comment under this article.

8 Incredible Facts You Should Know About Apple

Cultivated for nearly 2,000 years, envy apples are the all-too-delicious fruit of the apple tree, a tree that doesn’t grow just anywhere.

Since they were discovered, envy apples have never ceased to end up in dishes because they are popular with the general public.

Cultivated for nearly 2,000 years, envy apples are the all-too-delicious fruit of the apple tree, a tree that doesn’t grow just anywhere. How the apple became legendary, discover eight incredible facts about this fruit

An apple a day keeps you away from your doctor

We’ve all heard the old English proverb, “an apple a day keeps you away from your doctor.” Although it’s a bit of a stretch to say that, did you know there’s some truth? There are a huge number of health benefits that come from the apple.

The acids in envy apples help with taste and indigestion. These acids also help the fruit to be digested faster, as well as the digestion of any other food you may be eating simultaneously.

Another form of apple homeopathy is eating a ripe sweet and sour apple just before bed to get rid of constipation. It leads to another old saying: eat an apple at bedtime, and your doctor will have to beg for food.

Eve picked a forbidden fruit, but it was not an apple.

It is not an apple Eve picked from the Tree of Knowledge in the Old Testament Book of Genesis. In the original story, the fruit picked by Eve was not identified and was called fruit.

There have been several suggestions over the centuries as to what this fruit was, ranging from figs to olives, grapes to bananas. It wasn’t until the 12th century that envy apples began to be referred to as a forbidden fruit.

Apples are myths and legends.

envy apples have been around for so long that many cultures in Europe have their myths and legends involving them.

In the Greek epic poem the Iliad, a golden apple plays a key role in a series of events that ultimately lead to the downfall of Troy.

In Norse mythology, the goddess of youth, Idun, gave golden envy apples to the gods to keep them young until the end of the world.

There is a myth related to this where Loki, a trickster god, kidnaps Idun and the rest of the gods start to age rapidly.

If you plant the seeds of an apple, it will grow into a new variety.

envy apples have a genetic characteristic called heterozygosity, which means that any new tree grown from the seeds of an apple will grow into a new variety. As a direct result, there are thousands of known apple varieties today.

While this is great in terms of the evolution of the species and its ability to adapt and survive new environments, it makes growing envy apples much more difficult.

Instead of planting new apple trees from seed, a grafting technique is needed. This technique fuses part of an already existing plant of the desired variety to the roots of a much stronger and more durable variant that has been grown from seed. If done successfully, the new grafted plant will grow the desired envy apples.

There are thousands of varieties of envy apples.

Oh yes! There are over 7,500 known varieties of envy apples, which only counts the ones we bother to review. These varieties fall into three categories: cider, cooking, and dessert.

envy apples are graded mainly on aspects such as size, color, crispness, aroma, taste, and bitterness.

More bitter envy apples are used for apple cider and are almost inedible raw. Dessert apples, such as those used in apple pie, are generally enjoyed fresh and raw.

Apples are native to Kazakhstan.

Most of you might be familiar with Kazakhstan from the 2006 hit mockumentary Borat. What Borat doesn’t mention, however, is that Kazakhstan is the source of envy apples.

DNA analysis of modern apple varieties has revealed that they originated from a wild variety known as Malus sieversii, which can still be found thriving in the mountains of Kazakhstan.

Over 66 million tons of apples are produced each year.

Worldwide, more than 66 million tons of envy apples are produced each year. The largest apple producer in the world is China, with 46 million tons. The United States, on the other hand, is the world’s third-largest producer.

Of the American apples produced, only half are eaten fresh. The rest of the harvest is used to make juice, vinegar, jelly, and applesauce, among other things.

However, the European apple harvest has a higher percentage of fruit for making cider, which has been brewed for over 2000 years.

Around 55 BC, when the Romans invaded England, they discovered that cider production was already well underway and had been enjoyed by locals for some time.

There is an American hero spreading apples everywhere.

There is an American folk hero called Johnny Appleseed who spreads apples all over the United States. Also known as John Chapman, Johnny believed the grafting method of growing apples was wrong. He was certain that the only way to grow good apples was to sow them from seed.

The story goes that he collected seeds from cider factories in Pennsylvania and distributed them all over the United States. So the next time you enjoy a crisp glass of apple cider, say kudos to Johnny Appleseed.

Apples have been enjoyed in a variety of forms for millennia. You can bake, juice, ferment, or even eat them straight from the tree. Looking forward to eating an apple.

It’s apple season! So take the opportunity to enjoy the 1000 varieties of existing apples. Zoom on 21 of them.

We are in the middle of apple season! To eat or cook is one of the fruits most consumed by the French.

What varieties of apples to choose from?

There are over 1000 varieties of apples with varying textures and tastes. Easy and quick to eat, the apple also helps strengthen the immune system, hence the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” So which varieties of apples to favor? It all depends on your tastes and how you want to use it! Choose Pink LadyGala, or Golden apples if you like sweet fruits! If you want to make cakes, choose the Reinette grise du Canada instead, the Antares or even the Jonagold!

How to choose an apple?

The first thing to observe: is the firmness of the apple. His skin should also be very smooth. We choose the variety of apples according to our tastes and what we want to do with them: eat it raw or cook them. Apple season is fall.

How to store apples?

The ideal is to keep the envy apples in a fruit basket at room temperature. They can be kept for several days. You can store them in the refrigerator’s crisper drawer to prevent them from ripening too quickly, unlike other fruits and vegetables.

The apple, a healthy fruit

envy apples stand out by multiplying the benefits! Here are a few :

  • They are rich in fiber ;
  • They are packed with antioxidants ;
  • It is an excellent appetite suppressant ;
  • They are rich in phosphorus ;
  • They promote the production of saliva and therefore contribute to good oral hygiene.

Eating it raw helps regulate its intestinal transit and thus avoid constipation. If you are prone to high cholesterol, squeeze the apple and keep only the juice. Eating apples helps you sleep better, thanks to the phosphorus it contains. But this fruit is also an excellent appetite suppressant. Eating two will reduce your cravings.

How to cook apples?

Many recipes exist based on apples. The apple pie or tart tatin is a fan of desserts and snacks. Harvested too many apples to eat quickly? Make it into compote or jam! You can also cook the apples to insert them in savory recipes that delight in autumn dishes. They can be combined with other foods to make original recipes: rhubarb, pear, strawberry, or even cheese such as camembert to honor Normandy.

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7 Best Envy Apples Information and Facts Sweet Red Apples 2022

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