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Home » 9 Horse Apple Tree Fruit Trees, Ison’s Nursery, Osage Orange 2022

9 Horse Apple Tree Fruit Trees, Ison’s Nursery, Osage Orange 2022

9 Horse Apple Tree Fruit Trees, Ison's Nursery, Osage Orange 2022

9 Horse Apple Tree Fruit Trees, Ison’s Nursery, Osage Orange 2022

Maclura pomifera, commonly known as the Osage orange, bois d’arc, horse apple, hedge, or hedge apple tree, is a small deciduous tree or large shrub, typically growing about 8 to 15 meters tall. 

Species: M. pomifera

Density: about 50 pounds per cubic foot

Family: Moraceae

Order: Rosales

Kingdom: Plantae

Genus: Maclura

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Balanced feed for high-performance, work, and competition horses subjected to intense training regimens.





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Pellet, rolled corn, barley, grain oats, pelleted alfalfa, cane molasses, vegetable oil, flavoring, and antioxidant. Pellet ingredients: Cereal by-products, oilseed pastes, oilseed by-products, cane molasses, mycotoxin binder, and probiotics. Vitamins: A, D3, E, K, and B Complex. Minerals: Sodium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Manganese Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Ferrous Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, EDDI, Sodium Selenite, Carbonate cobalt, and chromium methionine.




Balanced feed for high-performance horses for work and competition horses subjected to intense training regimens.


Provide 3 to 5 kg of feed per day depending on the physiological state and activity of the horse, and always offer good quality hay to maintain the good condition and health of the animals.


-Controlled starch content to avoid digestive problems.

-Added with probiotics that improve horse performance by improving digestion and general health status by having a high affinity between pathogens and live yeasts (competitive exclusion), changing the proportion of bacterial groups in the digestive tract helping the balance of the microbial flora (residual oxygen consumption) and interacting with the first line of defense favoring the recovery of animals in a stress situation (stimulation of the immune system).

-The inclusion of vegetable oils improves the balance and energy contribution when combined with grains and fibers.

-Enriched with Chromium (chromium methionine) which, among its multiple functions, participates in glucose metabolism and insulin activity, thereby increasing energy use and the immune system’s response.

9 Horse Apple Tree Fruit Trees, Ison’s Nursery, Osage Orange 2022

Fruits and vegetables that a horse can eat

At EquusLine, we are committed to the best nutrition for our horses. We have already commented on other occasions and even talked about some of the errors in their feeding.

You know, feeding a horse not only serves to keep it healthy, something more than obvious. It also serves us as entertainment; hence forage is its food base.

That is why we have thought of talking about certain products they can also eat and that our horse can love; we are talking about fruits and vegetables. In the correct measure, fruits and vegetables for a horse can be very healthy, but they can also be very interesting for you to have a great time with him!

If you have a meadow where he walks, try leaving pieces of fruit or vegetables for him, even hide them! Your horse will have a great time.

Apple and oats for horses

Horses are herbivores designed to consume plant foods. Grains play an important role in the nutritional needs of horses. Oats are the most popular grain for horses, according to Rutgers University. Other grains horses enjoy include corn, barley, and wheat. Apples are a healthy treat for horses that provide carbohydrates to help fuel their bodies.

oat quality

Oat starch is easy for your horse to digest and absorb. Quality is important when choosing oats for your horse. Horses are not fed oats for the fiber content. Oats in the form of oat hulls have poor quality fiber, so the starch content determines the quality of the oats. Higher bushel weight oats contain more starch and less fiber than lower bushel weight oats, so they are favored when it comes to quality.

oat nutrition

Oatmeal provides your horse with the starch and protein it needs in its diet. Horses use protein to build and maintain their muscles. Oatmeal also provides a wide variety of minerals, including iron, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, calcium, and copper. These minerals help your horse maintain fluid, electrolyte balance, and proper nerve function. Calcium and phosphorous make up about 70 percent of the minerals in your horse’s body; These two minerals are necessary for proper bone development.

apple nutrition

Most horses love apples. Apples are high in potassium, which is important for muscle contraction and cell metabolism. They also provide simple sugars, which help your horse’s energy requirements. Apples provide your horse with other vital minerals, such as calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium. Apples are considered a treat for horses and should make up a small amount of their daily nutrition. Aim for no more than two or three apples per day. Feeding a horse too many apples can upset its digestive system.


Horses like the sweet taste of red apples and some green apples. When feeding apples to your horse, cut them into small pieces to prevent choking. Oatmeal is prone to mold, which can cause contamination. Purchasing oats listed as “triple clean” means the risk of contamination is lower due to a more rigorous cleaning process.

What fruits and vegetables can you feed a horse? Which ones will they love?

Mind you; horses cannot eat any fruit or vegetables. You should be clear about that from the start.

Remember that if you decide to give him this type of food, it should be in pieces and, above all, not give him bones or hearts of fruit, such as apples. You should also remove the leaves of the plant since, in some cases, it can be dangerous for the horse’s digestion.

Similarly, it is best that both fruits and vegetables are clean of dirt and washed to remove any product, such as insecticides, that have been used; the digestive system of our horse is very delicate; take care of it!

On the other hand, remember to be careful with the amounts to give your horse. The excess sugars that fruits contain can cause certain diseases, such as laminitis or equine colic, so consult your veterinarian about this issue.

Similarly, remember that this type of food should be considered a prizenever a substitute for a balanced diet. If your horse is properly fed, no excess “prizes” should interfere with its nutrition, okay?

Now, we are going to see some of the fruits and vegetables our horses can eat and that they will love.


We start with the vegetable that is most closely linked to horse feeding: the carrot. It is a source of Vitamin A that can be very interesting as a complement to the equine diet.


Another typical food of the horse is the apple. And it is not surprising since it is a very important source of potassium and calcium. That is, it is good for muscle stimulation and maintenance of the horse’s bones.


Without a doubt, perfect for summer, watermelon is another of the favorite fruits of horses, including its rind! If you don’t believe it, try it, and you’ll see how your friend devours it. The good thing about him is that practically all watermelon is water. Of course, be careful with excess sugar.


Lettuce is loved by all kinds of animals and, of course, also by horses. The problem, in this case, is that it does not provide too many nutrients or energy, so give it a couple of leaves a day at most. It will not interfere with your daily diet, providing you with the necessary nutrients.


Strawberries, as well as red fruits, are fruits that horses love. Its sweet touch is delicious for your palate. In addition, they contain an important source of fiber, so the horse is not only getting a “snack” but also being fed. Of course, moderate your intake due to its amount of sugar. Consult the quantity with your veterinarian!


Beetroot is another of the foods that horses love, but it is also very nutritious. Not surprisingly, beet pulp is one of the ingredients that make up the feed, as it contains the same amount of protein as hay and provides energy like oats.


Another prize that you can give your horse is a grape. In addition, it is healthy for the horse due to the antioxidants that can directly benefit the heart. Certain studies have begun to investigate the introduction of grape seeds in equine feed with good results.


We love peaches, but horses maybe even more! It is a very sweet fruit he loves, so it is a perfect prize. Now, keep in mind that it has a lot of sugar, so moderate the amount of peach you can give it; needless to say, if it is diabetic, consult the veterinarian when in doubt. Oh! Wash the peach well and remove the leaf and the pit so that it can digest it properly.

What other fruits and vegetables can our horse eat?

Horses can eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Some good examples are pumpkincucumberartichoke or pear, and bananas. Always remember to wash each piece first!

Above all, remember which fruits and vegetables should not be eaten and should be “out of the shopping list.” Among them is the tomato or the potato. Similarly, it is not recommended that they consume cabbage, broccoli, or the like, due to the gases they cause and the digestive complications they cause, as is the case with celery.

Oh! And as we always tell you, if you have any questions about it, your trusted veterinarian will be able to give you the pertinent recommendation, especially considering that each horse can have certain complications that make it appropriate or not to eat depending on what food. Each horse is a world! Wikipedia

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9 Horse Apple Tree Fruit Trees, Ison’s Nursery, Osage Orange 2022

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