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Home » Can Dogs Eat Cherries Are Cherries Safe For Dogs 2022

Can Dogs Eat Cherries Are Cherries Safe For Dogs 2022

Can Dogs Eat Cherries Are Cherries Safe For Dogs 2022

Can Dogs Eat Cherries Are Cherries Safe For Dogs 2022

Use Extreme Caution With Feeding Dogs Cherries

The main danger of cherries is that their pits, stems, and leaves contain cyanide, which is poisonous and potentially lethal if consumed in high quantities. Cherry pits can also get lodged in a dog’s digestive tract and cause intestinal blockages.

Can dogs eat cherries?

Dogs have always been intrigued by people’s food. While some foods are safe, others can lead to consequences, from an upset stomach to fatal poisoning.

Can dogs eat cherries? The short answer is no, but it’s more complicated than that. Purina experts explain why this summer fruit isn’t good for dogs and offer safer alternatives to keep your dog happy and healthy.

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Can dogs be given cherries?

The flesh of cherry is safe for dogs. Cherries contain vitamins A and C, fiber, and antioxidants, which are good for dogs. Unfortunately, the flesh of the cherry could cause an upset stomach.

The worst part is the cherry pit, stem, and leaves, as they all contain cyanide. This substance is toxic to dogs if ingested in sufficient quantity. A single cherry pit and stem are often insufficient to cause cyanide poisoning, but there is no need to take the risk. Also, if ingested, the pits can create intestinal obstruction.

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Are there cherries safe for dogs?

Many types of cherries exist, including Bing, Rainier, Black, and Maraschino. Although maraschino cherries have no pit, they contain a lot of sugar, which is not good for dogs. “In general, it’s not a good idea to offer your dog canned fruits, as they often have added sugar or preservatives,” says Jan Dempsey, senior nutritionist at Purina. Excess sugar can lead to diabetes, obesity, digestive disorders, and cavities.

You could give your dog a fresh cherry, but you’ll need to remove the pit, stem, and leaves first. It’s a lot of work, considering your dog won’t eat enough of it to see the benefits of this fruit.

What to do if your dog eats a whole cherry

Accidents happen, so it’s not unreasonable to think that your dog might eat a whole cherry (or more). Luckily, one or two cherries — with the pit and more — aren’t likely to cause him any trouble. He may have a mild reaction and have an upset stomach or diarrhea.

But even if he eats a cherry or two, watch for intestinal blockages, such as constipation, decreased appetite, and vomiting. An intestinal blockage caused by a single cherry pit is more likely to affect a small dog, but you should also be careful in large dogs.

If your dog has eaten a handful of cherries, watch for cyanide poisoning, including trouble breathing, red gums, and dilated pupils. If he exhibits these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian for further instructions.

Are there safer alternatives?

Yes, there are plenty of other fresh fruits and berries your dog can eat without the above risks. Blueberries are an excellent choice, peeled and pitted mangoes and core and seedless apples.

Of course, you can always stick to traditional dog treats, which your companion will likely find as exciting and tasty as fresh fruit. Find all the answers, safety tips, and tricks from our experts to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Can Dogs Eat Cherries Are Cherries Safe For Dogs 2022

Can I feed cherries to my dog?

Offering gourmet treats to your dog is an effective way for him to derive more pleasure from his meals. However, giving him products that will suit him and not interfere with his canine diet and specific needs is essential.

Cherries are considered moderate-risk foods. If you were planning to offer him some today, read these few lines to find out how to prepare them and what to do if he reacts badly to the food.

The potential benefits of cherries for my dog

Cherries provide the canine with vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, they improve your companion’s sleep, help prevent certain diseases (including cancer) and reduce certain inflammations.

Given these advantages, we can note that they are relatively interesting for his health. However, the preparation is very long because your dog must not swallow the stem and the core. You will have to remove them from each cherry you give him.

The potential risks of cherries for my dog

The cherry contains cyanide in its pit and stem despite its exquisite flavor. This poison can lead to the death of your dog. A disadvantage that leads canine owners to strike cherries from the list of foods they will give to their four-legged friend.

You should also know that the fruit contains cyanide in very small quantities. Even if you have to swallow large quantities for the effects to be felt, this point will make you want never to give cherries to your dog.

The questions owners ask themselves about icing for their dog.

What should I do if my dog ​​ingested cherries?

You must remain vigilant for any poisoning symptoms if a cherry stone or stem is ingested. Indeed, it is not always said that your canine will react badly, especially if it misses one or two cherries, but it may be subject to indigestion.

In this case, you will observe a possible difficulty in breathing, dilated pupils, or a state of shock. At this time, it is recommended to call an animal health professional without further delay.

On the other hand, if you see your dog eating the whole fruit and swallowing the stem and the pit, we advise you to go to a poison control center or your veterinarian immediately.

What can I substitute for cherries if I want to feed my dog ​​another fruit?

Since cherries are a moderate-risk fruit, owners often choose a less dangerous fruit as a treat for their dog.

Fortunately, there are a large number of fruits that can replace cherries. We are thinking of watermelon (ideal for hydrating the dog), banana (for minerals), pear (for vitamins and antioxidants), strawberries or raspberries (for antioxidants), and mango (for vitamins) or even pineapple.

Preparing these fruits correctly, especially by cutting small pieces, will surely cause pleasure to your dog. An important way to participate in its good development.

How do I choose the best diet for my dog?

For me, the easiest thing is to trust recognized professionals in the sector. It assures you of giving your suitable dog products while simplifying your life. For example, I recommend DogChef products.

It is a company with an excellent reputation that establishes tailor-made recipes for your dog, 100% fresh, and delivered directly to your home. You can find more information by clicking here.

Final words and important recommendations

Loving and educating your dog also protects him against the vagaries of life. That’s why I strongly recommend getting dog health insurance as soon as possible. It will save you astronomical veterinary costs in an accident or illness.

The cherry is a treat that can please humans and that we regularly use in our desserts or as a flavor for candies. On the other hand, the cherry is not ideal for the canine.

Poisonous in its natural form, it can be prepared to make it less dangerous, but, as you will see, there are safer fruits.

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2. Does the dog benefit from eating cherries?

3. Know the symptoms of poisoning

3.1. Explore other foods

3.2. Dog breeds to discover

Why is the cherry poisonous?

The cherry stem and pits contain cyanide, a poison that could be life-threatening to your dog if eaten in large amounts. Cherry pits are also dangerous because they could get stuck in the animal’s esophagus and contribute to choking.

The good news is that a single core shouldn’t be too dangerous. Keep an eye out if you suspect your dog has swallowed it, and if in doubt, call your vet.

Cyanide is also found in the fruit itself but much lower concentration. Eating an occasional cherry or two won’t be dangerous if prepared properly, but it’s not very practical.

Does the dog benefit from eating cherries?

According to, the vitamins and antioxidants in cherries can give a canine a little health boost. They help reduce inflammation, improve sleep and prevent cancer.

Other fruits like avocado also contain good nutrients and may be easier to prepare. The key will be to offer everything in moderation and remember that nothing can replace these expensive proteins, which the dog needs so much!

Finally, note that maraschino cherries are not a food to offer to your pet. Although the “risky” parts have already been removed, they are very sweet and harmful.

Know the Symptoms of Poisoning

Here are some signs that your dog may be suffering from poisoning from eating cherries:

  • Difficult breathing
  • Red and shiny gums
  • Dilated pupils
  • State of shock

If your dog has consumed multiple unprepared cherries (with stem and pits), it is best to call your veterinarian directly rather than wait for symptoms to appear. He will be able to advise you on the procedure to follow.

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Can Dogs Eat Cherries Are Cherries Safe For Dogs 2022

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