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Home » Fresh Champagne Mango (Golden Atulfo Six types 2022

Fresh Champagne Mango (Golden Atulfo Six types 2022

Fresh Champagne Mango (Golden Atulfo Six types 2022

The ‘Ataúlfo’ mango, also called young, baby, yellow, honey, Adaulfo, Adolfo, or Champagne, is a mango cultivar from Mexico. Ataulfo mangos are golden yellow and generally weigh between 6 and 10 ounces, with a somewhat sigmoid shape and a gold-blushed yellow skin.

  • Scientific name: Mangifera indica ‘Mango Ataulfo’
  • Origin: Soconusco, Chiapas, MX
  • Marketing names: Champagne
  • Cultivar: ‘Ataúlfo’

A foreigner who has become a fundamental part of culinary folklore. Of Asian origin, it came to Mexico through the Spanish conquest and is now a representative fruit of the country.

Flavour and colour to enjoy this season. A foreigner who has become a fundamental part of culinary folklore. Of Asian origin, the mango arrived in Mexico through the Spanish conquest and is now a representative fruit of the country.

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Walking through the beautiful streets of the city, you have indeed enjoyed a giant glass of mango with chilli or a whole piece cut in the form of a flower, covered with our traditional piquín chilli, something very typical of our gastronomic culture. We leave you a list of the most consumed in Mexico so that you support local consumption and twist your favourite recipes.


It is number one on the list of favourites by consumers. Their sweet flavour and smooth texture without fibres make them unmatched. Their canary yellow colour and the fineness of the pulp make them ideal for desserts. If they are purchased green, they can be perfect for ceviches and cocktails that need a touch of acidity.


Fresh Champagne Mangoes (Golden Atulfo Six types 2022


If you like smooth and creamy mangoes with firm flesh, this is the one for you. They are a canary yellow colour and a small, oval shape. They are ideal for eating sliced. This variety is one of the most used for mango sales with chilli; you will find them on every corner.


Its soft pulp and limited fibres make it ideal to accompany salads or slices. They add a sweet touch to your dishes of incredible juiciness and flavour. They are ubiquitous in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and the US. To identify them, you must consider their oval shape, their dark green shell with some intense red parts. Its peak seasons are June and August.

Tommy Atkins

It is mango with a lot of fibre. Its peak seasons are from March to July. It is distinguished by its intense red colour, reaching a dark green with some red parts. Its flavour is less severe, and the colour of the pulp is more tenuous. It is ideal for long cooking and canning.


Similar in colour and shape to manila, this mango has a thicker skin, and its flavour is not as delicate. Thanks to its firmness, it is ideal for savoury dishes, sauces, and preserves. It is better to consume it ripe.

Fresh Champagne Mangoes (Golden Atulfo Six types 2022


Its bright red colour and green skin with yellow hues and tiny white dots make it very similar to the Kent. Its flavour is lovely, with more fibre than the previous ones. It is a great option to consume in salads or cold dishes.

You have bought mangoes for the first time. She began to unpack them and realized that he did not know much about this fruit. How long do mangoes last?

If that’s your experience, don’t worry. Mangoes are similar to other tropical fruits, such as avocados or papayas. If you know a thing or two about either, everything below will sound familiar.

If not, there is no problem. This article covers everything you need to know about the mango fruit. So once you’re done, you’ll know exactly what to do with yours.

To begin with, let’s discuss the differences between ripe and unripe mango. You need to know which is which before we can continue.

Mango slices in a bowl

How to know if the mango is ripe?

To know where to put your mangoes, you first need to see if yours are ripe or not.

So how do you know if a mango is ripe? There are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Feel. The feeling is what you should focus on. The handle should be softer but not mushy. In other words, the fruit should give slightly to gentle pressure.
  • Colour. The fruit should be mostly yellow to red (like the one I photographed for this article). There should be no dark green colour, although some greenish or yellowish parts may be present.
  • Smell. Sometimes the stem gives off a fruity aroma, indicating that the mango is ready for consumption. However, mine didn’t smell much, and the fruit was beautiful.


When evaluating ripeness, you must first consider how the fruit feels in your hand. If it feels good, but the colour isn’t quite there yet, belief it ripe anyway.

One whole ripe mango

Fresh Champagne Mangoes (Golden Atulfo Six types 2022
Fresh Champagne Mangoes (Golden Atulfo Six types 2022

How long do mangoes last?

Now that you know if your mangoes are ripe, we can look at their shelf life.

For a green mango, the time it takes to ripen can range from one day to seven days. It all depends on the fruit. One uniformly green and firm to the touch will take much longer to ripen than one that is already yellowish and somewhat soft in some areas.

When it comes to ripe mangoes, they should last at least five days in the fridge ( [MR] ). You could get an extra day or two if yours weren’t fully ripe before you put it in the refrigerator.

Mango in chicken salad

If you have some mango cubes or slices, they should last a couple of days in the fridge as well ( [MR] ). Of course, the whole fruit lasts longer than the peeled and cut pieces.

If those periods aren’t long enough for your needs, you can freeze mango for up to six months ( [MR] ). You’ve probably seen frozen mango in freezers at supermarkets, and there’s no reason you can’t make it yourself.

  • Room temperature refrigerator
  • immature handle 1-7 days until ripe
  • ripe mango 2-3 days five days
  • cut handle 3-4 days
  • Please note that the periods in the table above are estimates only.
  • Peel the mango with a kitchen knife

How to store mangoes

You already have a couple of tips on storing mango in the previous section. Let’s expand that.

When storing green mangoes, a paper bag at room temperature is the way to go ( [MR] ). Of course, the fruit can also be placed on the counter or in a fruit basket. Just make sure it’s not in direct sunlight.

If you need to speed up fruit ripening, a paper bag will come in handy. It will help trap the ethylene gas that the fruit produces, which aids the ripening process.

Fresh Champagne Mangoes (Golden Atulfo Six types 2022
Fresh Champagne Mangoes (Golden Atulfo Six types 2022

To speed things up, even more, place a tomato or avocado inside that bag to get even more ethylene ( [CMR] ). You can also add an apple or banana or any other fruit or vegetable that produces gas.

Last but not least, check the ripeness of the mangoes every day or two.

For a ripe mango, the fridge is the best option. That’s because mangoes continue to ripen at room temperature ( [MR] ), shortening their shelf life. Whole fruit can be stored in the refrigerator without any additional packaging.

When sliced ​​mango, put the pieces in an airtight container and throw it in the fridge. As easy as that.

Cut the bone of the handle.

How to know if a mango is terrible?

Knowing if a mango is spoiled or not is not science. All the signs are pretty straightforward. Here are some of the most common:

  • Pasty meat. A ripe mango is a bit soft to the touch, but it is far from mushy. If yours has made it this far, it’s probably best to discard it. The same if there are significant underwater points.
  • It was oozing liquid. That handle is gone; throw it away.
  • Large black areas on the skin. If the fruit starts to turn black, it’s pretty apparent it’s overripe and not good. Note that a couple of black dots here and there are fine. Mine had several, and the fruit pulp was excellent. Just look at the photo below.
  • Mould. This is pretty obvious.

Last but not least, if you feel something is wrong with the fruit, that it tastes or smells funny, throw it out. Your senses are pretty good at determining whether fruit is edible or not. Listen to them!

Some black spots near the stem of the handle, nothing unusual.

How to cut mangoes

Cutting and preparing a mango is essentially finding the hole and cutting around it.

The stone is the white part inside the fruit. You can see it in one of the photos above.

It’s not like an avocado pit or the seeds of an apple. It’s a bit fused with the rest of the meat, and removing it isn’t that easy. You cut off as much of the soft flesh as you can and leave the rest.

There are several options when it comes to ways to cut the mango. Some of the most popular are:

Fresh Champagne Mangoes (Golden Atulfo Six types 2022
Fresh Champagne Mangoes (Golden Atulfo Six types 2022
  • Peel and cut into slices. Peel the whole fruit, then cut lengthwise until you reach the pit. Repeat the same from the other side.
  • First, cut out the middle part. Take the fruit and slice lengthwise about a half-inch (depending on the fruit) from the centre on both sides. The central element is the hole. Take a teaspoon and eat the meat of the two halves ( [CMC] ). If possible, you can also try removing a bit of the middle piece.

What is the difference between a champagne mango and a regular mango?

The kidney-shaped Champagne mango is also more delicate, sweeter, and more tender than those larger varieties.

Are Champagne mangoes good?

Champagne mangoes pack a flavour punch that’s as nutritious as it is delicious. Smaller than green-red Tommy Atkins, these yellow-skinned mangoes have a creamy texture, floral fragrance, and ethereal sweetness with honey and vanilla notes, making them the idea summer sweet treat. …

Why is champagne mango called that?

These bright yellow, smaller mangoes were given the name Champagne mangoes partially for marketing purposes, and also for their perky flavour. The taste is sweet and creamy with a firm flesh that is excellent grilled, roasted, or served straight.

Fresh Champagne Mangoes (Golden Atulfo Six types 2022
Fresh Champagne Mangoes (Golden Atulfo Six types 2022

Can you eat the skin of a champagne mango?

It’s one of the smoothest-eating varieties of mango and doesn’t have the fibrous texture found in other types. … The skin contains an irritant compound similar to that in the cashew, so don’t eat the skin.

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Fresh Champagne Mangoes (Golden Atulfo Six types 2022

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