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Home » Grape Tomatoes vs. Cherry Tomatoes What’s the Difference 2022

Grape Tomatoes vs. Cherry Tomatoes What’s the Difference 2022

Grape Tomatoes vs. Cherry Tomatoes What's the Difference 2022

Grape Tomatoes vs. Cherry Tomatoes What’s the Difference 2022

Grape and cocktail tomatoes are a family of tomatoes characterized by small shapes. Their names are derived from grapes and cherries, respectively.

While they look the same with the same health benefits, these are noticeable differences. They are also interchangeable in many dishes, even though they have different flavors. The article examines the difference between grape tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.

What are grape tomatoes?

Grape tomatoes are called a grape because their shape resembles a grape. They are oblong and tiny compared to large tomatoes and cherry trees.

Growers often prefer grape tomatoes for packing and distribution due to their toughness and less susceptibility to crushing. They are easy to pack, so large farmers produce them in large quantities. 

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Many stores and restaurants prefer to preserve grape tomatoes because of their long shelf life and thick skin. Due to their low water content and less sweetness, grape tomatoes are used less often in recipes where the filling is desired. They are still sweeter than large tomatoes.

Like cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes can be eaten raw or in recipes. Cherry tomatoes can be substituted in recipes. This substitution is often attributed to the year-round availability of grape tomatoes in many stores. 

The growth cycle of cherry and grape tomatoes is the same. Grape tomatoes also have lycopene, vitamin C, and A. Essentially, the health benefits are the same in many ways, although the sweetness and juiciness are different between these tomatoes. 

Grape tomatoes, unlike their cherry counterparts, are only available in red. When grown, they resemble grapes and grow in clusters. 

Grape Tomatoes vs. Cherry Tomatoes What’s the Difference 2022

What are cherry tomatoes?

Primarily used to fill many recipes, cherry tomatoes are preferred by chefs because of their juicy, sweet flavor. They also add a bitter taste to recipes. They are more precious than grape tomatoes and large tomatoes. Also, they are more significant than grape tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes are watery, making them squirt when you bite into them. Due to this water content, cherry tomatoes have a relatively short shelf life, making them less preferred by farmers.

 It is easy to crush them as they have thinner skin. Its lesser popularity is attributed to its susceptibility to damage. Cherry tomatoes grow spaced out on a pine tree.

They are available in a variety of colors, viz. Yellow, orange, and red. Like other tomatoes, cherry potatoes are rich in lycopene, a nutrient known for its cancer-fighting properties.

Tomatoes also possess vitamin A and C, which are known for various health benefits such as good vision, boosting the immune system, improving heart health, and skin health. 

Cherry tomatoes can be eaten raw or as ingredients in many recipes. Recipes that call for cherry tomatoes can also accommodate the less juicy grape tomatoes.

Critical differences between grape and cherry tomatoes

Description for grape and cherry tomatoes:

Grape tomatoes are small tomatoes that resemble the shape of grapes, so they are known as grape tomatoes. They have thicker skin and have an oblong shape. 

On the other hand, cherry tomatoes are more significant than grape tomatoes and resemble the shape of an actual cherry, although they are not precisely the same size as the cherry. Cherry tomatoes are thinner.

Contents in grape and cherry tomatoes

Grape tomatoes have less water content and are less juicy and less sweet. 

Cherry tomatoes have too much water content, and they show it by dripping when you bite into them. Both tomatoes contain lycopene, vitamin A and C, known for their vital role in health. 

Grape Tomatoes vs. Cherry Tomatoes What’s the Difference 2022

Use in recipes

Both tomatoes can be prescribed for specific recipes. However, it is possible to use them interchangeably. 

Due to their sweetness and juiciness, cherry tomatoes are commonly used in recipes. To use cherry tomatoes in recipes that call for grape tomatoes, they need to be cut up as they are more significant than grape tomatoes. 


Cherry tomatoes are thin and more watery; as a result, they have a short shelf life. 

This explains why store owners predominantly stock grape tomatoes over cherry ones. Grape tomatoes have a longer shelf life. 

Growth pattern for grape and cherry tomatoes

Both tomatoes have the same growth cycle. Cherry tomatoes grow spaced out on the pine tree, while grape tomatoes grow in clusters like grapes. 


Grape tomatoes are only available in red, while cherry tomatoes are yellow, red, and orange. 

Grape vs. Cherry Tomatoes: Comparison Chart

Grape Tomatoes vs. Cherry Tomatoes What’s the Difference 2022

Summary of grape vs. Cherry tomatoes

  • Grapes and cherry tomatoes are small tomatoes, with cherry tomatoes being their larger cousins.
  • Grape tomatoes are plumper and have a long shelf life. As a result, farmers prefer to grow them. They are easy to transport.
  • Cherry tomatoes are thinner and have a short shelf life. They are not easy to transport and are susceptible to damage.
  • Cherry tomatoes have more water content which makes them squirt when eaten.
  • Cherry tomatoes are juicier and sweeter, so they are called in many recipes.
  • Grape tomatoes have a meaty texture and are less sweet.
  • Both tomatoes can be used interchangeably.
  • They both have lycopene, vitamin A and C.
  • Cherry tomatoes are available in yellow, orange, and red, while grape tomatoes are only available in red.
  • Cherry tomatoes should be cut into chunks to substitute grape tomatoes as they are more extensive.
  • Both tomatoes can be eaten raw or included in recipes.

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Grape Tomatoes vs. Cherry Tomatoes What's the Difference 2022
Grape Tomatoes vs. Cherry Tomatoes What’s the Difference 2022

What is the difference in flavor between grape and cherry tomatoes? The store had both, and they seemed pretty similar.


The difference in their name is, not surprisingly, due to their shape. Cherry tomatoes are round, while grape tomatoes are more oblong. Wikipedia mentions that grape tomatoes are ‘sweet as cherry tomatoes, so there isn’t much difference in taste based on this. Perhaps grape tomatoes are more similar to small plum tomatoes.

This site claims that grape tomatoes are sweeter, have thicker skin, and lower water content than cherry tomatoes. Interestingly, it also says that grape tomatoes cross between cherry tomatoes and other tomatoes.

The second site’s claims agree with this site (“grape tomatoes have thicker skin, lower water content, and intense sweetness”). It also states that “a grape tomato is half the size of a cherry tomato,” so perhaps they are smaller. Due to the lower water content, grape tomatoes have less chance of ‘squirting’ when bitten into.


I find grape tomatoes to be the best choice as they generally have more of a tomato flavor; cherry tomatoes are good if you want to stuff them with salad for a small bite.

Chef Flambe

The grape and cherry refer to form more than anything else. You can get other characteristics from one cherry to another with so many different varieties. In addition, its maturity will cause significant differences; however, as a general rule, grape tomatoes are the Roma compared to cherry as the field type. Being Roma a little more meaty and with less pulp is what I mean.

Grape Tomatoes vs. Cherry Tomatoes What’s the Difference 2022

Jingle Bell

If there is a difference, it is smaller than all the normal variations in supermarket tomatoes. I have gotten some plump/juicy, drier / mealy, sweet, soft by buying either of the two. I think this is mainly due to the wide variation in the quality of store-bought tomatoes, particularly seasonal variation and how unripe they were when harvested. 

Some may also be different types of tomatoes. 

 I know some reasonably widespread cultivars are sold as cherry tomatoes.

The main reason for the name “grape” is just the shape; cherries are more spherical, and grapes are oblong. Both grape and cherry tomatoes should generally be sweeter than larger tomatoes.

If you’re a gardener or lucky enough to know someone who can supply you, I think you’ll find a lot more variety in flavor among all the types of tiny tomatoes that people grow at home. I’ve had some that were so sweet I felt like I was eating delicious tomato candy from a vine, and I’ve had others with a whole tomato flavor but not as sweet. Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of the varieties here, but I’m sure if you search for that sort of thing, you might discover the ones you like best!


Depending on the variety, cherry tomatoes are usually spicier than sweet ones. A popular type sold in Australia is Genio (insecure spelling). It has a long shelf life with a tart flavor. Suitable for salads as a replacement for tomatoes. They also tend to hold their shape better during cooking than the grape variety of tomatoes.

While grape tomatoes generally taste sweeter than their cherry counterparts. They typically have a shorter shelf life but mature faster as a result. In cooking, grape tomatoes generally have a more robust flavor and overpower other ingredients.

Finally, another problem is when the fruit is harvested. For commercial production, cherry and grape tomatoes are typically harvested when they are light orange. Some varieties will be sugary with cherry tomatoes if left on the vine until full color.

Grape Tomatoes vs. Cherry Tomatoes What's the Difference 2022
Grape Tomatoes vs. Cherry Tomatoes What’s the Difference 2022

In general, the main problem is identifying which variety is being sold.

  1. General terms
  2. cherry = spicy
  3. Grape = Sweet


It’s interesting because cherry tomatoes are much sweeter in Canada than grapes. Here the cherry tomatoes are perfectly round, and the grapes are oblong.

Ahuti Mishra

There is not so much difference between these two varieties of tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are good for cooking and grape tomatoes for dressings. That’s all in my point of view.

Pat Sommer

The name change was inevitable once the ‘cherry’ size became golf balls…

Round or oblong tomato? I tried a nice, golden egg-shaped egg; more a difference in texture than taste: crispy, juicy instead of soft and mushy.

Fortunately more variety these days in tomatoes. How about we bypass your green supermarket and ask for a sample? You can’t with pre-packaged punnets, but why buy where you can’t touch and smell, hmmm?

Grape Tomatoes vs. Cherry Tomatoes What's the Difference 2022
Grape Tomatoes vs. Cherry Tomatoes What’s the Difference 2022

What’s the difference between a grape tomato and a cherry tomato?

Cherry tomatoes are the small, round guys with thin skins that squirt juice everywhere when you bite into them. … Grape tomatoes are the oblong, grape-shaped ones that you’ll often find in the grocery store; they have a lower water content and thicker skins than cherry tomatoes, which help them last longer.

Which is sweeter cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes?

Taste: Cherry tomatoes are super sweet in comparison to most other types of tomatoes. They also have thinner skin and a higher water content than grape tomatoes—giving them a greater juiciness. Grape tomatoes are a little less watery and sugary than sweet cherry tomatoes.

What are grape tomatoes good for?

Grape tomatoes have vitamins A and C. Vitamin A supports eye, bone, and skin health and protects against infection. Vitamin C is needed by the body for healing. … Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which is a valuable antioxidant with health-protecting effects.

What does a grape tomato taste like?

A Grape Tomato is often given the following flavor profile:

Perfect sugar to acid balance for a rich, sweet tasteMeaty & crunchyClassic ‘Tomato’ taste, like you just picked it from the garden.

Grape Tomatoes vs. Cherry Tomatoes What's the Difference 2022
Grape Tomatoes vs. Cherry Tomatoes What’s the Difference 2022
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Grape Tomatoes vs. Cherry Tomatoes What’s the Difference 2022

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