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Home » Hoppy Frog Cake Recipe How to Make It  Little Children’s Cake 2022

Hoppy Frog Cake Recipe How to Make It  Little Children’s Cake 2022

Hoppy Frog Cake

Hoppy Frog Cake Recipe How to Make It  Little Children’s Cake 2022

The frog cake is an Australian dessert in the shape of a frog’s head, composed of sponge cake and cream covered with fondant. It was created by the Balfours bakery in 1922, and soon became a popular treat in South Australia.

  • Main ingredients: Sponge cake, jam, cream, fondant
  • Place of origin: Australia

Little Frog Children’s Cake

Animal cakes are a trend for any children’s celebration; success is in their simplicity and beauty, with few elements striking and precious results. If we want to make one of these cakes and save work without giving up a perfect finish, we can use a Kit of decorations designed for this type of work.

With the animal children’s cake decoration kit, you can make unicorns, bears, foxes, cats, whales, bunnies and frogs. The kit consists of 21 pieces: eyes, ears, nose, eyelashes, horns, moustaches, crowns, everything you need to make different children’s animal cakes. In addition, the pieces are reusable; washing them after each use is perfect for creating a new cake with them. And what little animal have I prepared to show you how easy and practical this kit is? A little frog. I love his big eyes and elegant crown!

The frog cake will be a soft vanilla sponge cake filled and covered with delicious Italian meringue buttercream. You will see how easy it is to make a children’s cake for any birthday or celebration!


Ingredients for the vanilla and cream sponge cake:

  • Five medium free-range eggs.
  • 250g of sugar.
  • 250g of leavened flour.
  • 250ml of whipping cream. 
  • A teaspoon of vanilla extract.
  • Utensils:
  • Two 15 cm layer cake moulds Release
  • spray
  • Cake leveller or serrated knife
Hoppy Frog Cake Recipe How to Make It  Little Children’s Cake 2022

How to prepare the vanilla cake:

  • The ingredients should be at room temperature.
  • Preheat the oven to 150ºC
  • Sift the flour and reserve until ready to use.
  • We will start beating the cream with the sugar at medium speed until the ingredients are integrated. We will continue adding the extract and the eggs one by one.
  • To finish, we will add the flour little by a bit while beating without stopping until the dough is homogeneous. 
  • We will prepare the layer cake moulds with release spray and pour the dough into the moulds.
  • We will bake for approximately 40 minutes, we will place the tray at half-height with heat up and down, before removing the biscuits from the oven, we will prick them with a knife; if it comes out clean, they will be ready; if not, we will bake five more minutes. 
  • Let cool for 5 minutes without removing the biscuits from the mould.
  • We will cut what protrudes to leave them level with a serrated knife or a cake leveller now; we can remove them from the moulds and let them cool completely on a rack.
  • When the biscuits are cold, with the help of a lyre, we will cut them in half, leaving sheets of biscuits of equal size and perfectly level, a crucial step for our cake to look straight and perfect.
  • Now we are going to prepare the filling for the children’s cake.


One of the most delicate and delicious creams I’ve ever tried. I love it! It is the queen of creams for any cake. 

To make it, it is necessary to have a sugar thermometer and a powerful mixer with which we can beat at a fast and constant speed for at least 10 minutes. We will make this recipe twice. With the first one, we will fill the cake and put the crumb catcher layer, and in the second recipe, we will colour it green to cover our frog cake.

Ingredients for the Italian meringue buttercream:

  • 200g of white sugar.
  • 225g Butter. (it should not be complicated, nor too soft, I took it out of the refrigerator just before I started preparing the recipe, the room temperature was 22-23 ºC)
  • The whites of four medium-sized eggs
  • 60ml of water.
  • Vanilla extract, or whatever you prefer.
  • Green gel food colouring.
  • Digital thermometer

How to prepare the Italian meringue buttercream:

  • We will start by preparing the syrup; in a pot, we will introduce the sugar, the water and the thermometer; we will take it to medium heat, while in the mixer with a rod, we will begin to beat the egg whites at medium speed.
  • We will monitor the syrup; when the thermometer reaches 110ºC, we will put the blender to work at maximum speed, and we will continue watching the thermometer; when it comes to 118ºC, 
  • We will remove the syrup from the heat, and in the form of a thread, little by little, we will pour it into the mixer on one of the sides of the glass, be very careful that the syrup does not fall. On the rods! It could splash and burn you.
  • We will beat at maximum speed for 10 minutes until the meringue cools. Our delicious Italian meringue is ready! 
  • The time has come to add the butter; the meringue must be at room temperature. If it is not, the butter will melt, and it will cut the mixture, do not be in a hurry; wait a few minutes. If it is not, keep in mind that We have added the syrup at 118 degrees, and it has become quite hot. 
  • We will beat again at maximum speed, adding the butter little by little; when it is fully integrated, we will add the extract and continue beating at full speed for five more minutes or until the cream has a perfect consistency. 

Very important! When you finish adding the butter, the cream may seem a minor cut, don’t be scared! It is normal; the last shake at maximum speed will give body to our Italian buttercream meringue, be patient

  • When it is finished, add the gel colouring beat until the colour is homogeneous. 



Gold Noodles

Hoppy Frog Cake Recipe How to Make It  Little Children's Cake 2022
Hoppy Frog Cake Recipe How to Make It  Little Children’s Cake 2022

Gold Metallic Pearls


Animal cake decorating kit Medium and large

curved spatula Smoothing paddle Turning base 16 cm tray 2 A round nozzle

How to decorate the frog children’s cake:

  • To achieve a better finish, it is recommended to use a rotating base to make our work much more manageable.
  • We will place the first sponge cake sheets on a 16 cm diameter tray and add a generous amount of meringue. We will smooth the layer with a curved spatula and continue putting another layer of sponge cake. We will insert a layer of sponge cake and filling.
  • When we place the last layer of sponge cake, we will put a thin layer of cream covering the entire cake. 
  • We call this layer the crumb-catching layer; thanks to it, our cakes look nice and smooth, but for it to work, you have to refrigerate the cake for a minimum of 30 minutes; in this way, the layer hardens, and the crumbs are trapped in it.
  • While the cake refrigerates, we prepare the meringue for the green topping. Put a few drops of food colouring in the Italian meringue buttercream and stir with a spatula until the food colouring is entirely integrated.

Reserve a little white cream for the decoration of the eyes 

  • When the cake has been in the fridge for 30 minutes, we take it out and cover it with the green-coloured meringue. 
  • We will use the rotating base and a large spatula to distribute the cream well, and with the help of a smoothing trowel (at least 10 cm high), we will smooth the walls of the cake.
  • To smooth the walls of the cake, we will turn the lathe while, with the other hand, we will hold the trowel without moving it, supporting ourselves and using the cake tray as a guide. 
  • If there is any imperfection on the walls, we will put a little more cream where the spot is, and we will pass the palette again until we get the best finish.
  • We will do it with a curved spatula to smooth the upper part. So that the edge is well marked, we will put the spatula horizontally and slide the border from the edge to the centre of the cake. 
  • To achieve an even smoother and more perfect finish, I have a trick when the creams are rich in butter, as is the case here.
  • I refrigerate the cake for two hours, and then I smooth the entire surface again with a hot spatula. I fill a container with boiling water; I leave the tool submerged in it for a minute, dry it, and pass it all over the cake; the result is fantastic, leaving the cake with a very smooth finish.
  • We only have to decorate with the pieces of our kit; we choose the parts we will use, wash them and dry them. In this case, we have chosen two earpieces (which will be the frog’s eyes), a mouth and a crown.
  • With the help of a spatula, cover the pieces destined for the eyes with cream.
  • Making the white part will help us put the cream in a pastry bag with a large round nozzle; I used the Wilton 2A, we will draw a point that we will crush with the spatula. Finally, we will put a dark chocolate sprinkle for the eye detail. We will also cover the opposite side of the piece with cream.
  • We only have to put the decorations on the cake, the eyes, the mouth and the crown.
  • We will put golden noodles and metallic pearls on the bottom edge; it will look much more beautiful if we place the cake on display, as I show you in the photo.
  • What do you think? Simple, fast, lovely finish, and many options to make more children’s animal cakes and not repeat design.

I hope you liked the publication and are encouraged to make these fun cakes.

Hoppy Frog Cake Recipe How to Make It  Little Children's Cake 2022
Hoppy Frog Cake Recipe How to Make It  Little Children’s Cake 2022

Frequently Asked Questions: Frog Cake

How do you make a fondant frog?

For a simple bow, roll out a small rectangular strip of fondant. Fold both ends toward the center. Flip the bow over and use a modeling tool to make creases in the fondant radiating out from the center. Girl frog done!

Who invented the frog cake?

To transform this pastry into a frog, bakers coat everything with green fondant icing, add a slit in the creamy “head” to create a mouth, and top it off with two tiny fondant eyes. The frog cake was first created by the Adelaide-based Balfours Bakery in 1922.

How much is a frog cake?

They sell for $4-$4.80, and even $5.50 when themed for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, rivalling some up-market cafe pastries. A frog-cake photograph recently posted on The Advertiser’s Facebook site, quickly drew dozens of passionate comments ranging from “love them” and “hate them” to much ado about their price.

Is cake a food?

Cake is a form of sweet food made from flour, sugar, and other ingredients, that is usually baked. Cake is often served as a celebratory dish on ceremonial occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

According to Munchies, frog cakes are the latest food obsession on both Instagram and TikTok, which harkens to the days of frog bread, or bread shaped like the little green creatures. Whether people have given up on their sourdough starters or simply needed a new hobby to try out, frog cake seems to be the replacement.

Who made cake first?

It’s unclear who exactly made the world’s first cake. However, the ancient Egyptians are thought to have created the first cake. Egyptians often made honey-sweetened dessert breads, which were likely the earliest version of cakes.

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