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Home » How to Cut a Mango Quickly and Easily 2022

How to Cut a Mango Quickly and Easily 2022

How to Cut a Mango Quickly and Easily 2022

How to Cut a Mango Quickly and Easily 2022

Peeling a mango easily and quickly is the dream of many tropical fruit lovers. The arrival in our kitchens of this ingredient makes it especially necessary to know some techniques and skills with the knife. Not only will we avoid an unpleasant surprise from the hand of some domestic incident, but we will also be able to start taking much better advantage of this delicious fruit. Discovering the good properties of an exceptional ingredient will be one more incentive that will lead us to know the best way to peel a mango easily and quickly; you just have to follow these steps.

Mangoes are one of the most popular and loved tropical fruits globally. Although they are not grown or harvested in all countries, they have managed to win the hearts of many with their perfect balance of sweet and acid flavors, ideal for preparing sweets, sauces, smoothies, and juices.

Anyone who has tried a mango knows that it can be a bit of work to cut and peel it to enjoy it, whether it is eaten alone or used to make juices or desserts. For this reason, at RecetasGratis, we try six tricks to cut mangoes that work. Stay with us and discover how to peel a mango in the easiest and fastest way possible!

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  1. How to peel a mango easy
  2. How to peel a mango for juice
  3. How to peel a mango with a glass
  4. How to peel a green mango
  5. How to eat a mango
how to cut a mango quickly and easily 2022

How to peel a mango easy

There are several ways to cut a mango easily, though some of these depend on how ripe it is and what you want to use it for. In any case, you will only need a knife to cut it and a little creativity. Keep in mind that all mangoes have a bone in the middle, it is flat and elongated, and you will have to get rid of it when you peel it. Here are the easiest and fastest ways to peel it without further ado.

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Cut the mango into cubes.

In addition to being very easy, this method will give the mango a lovely shape, perfect for presenting it in desserts or fruit salads. Follow these steps to achieve it:

  1. Cut the two cheeks of the handle, being careful not to touch the bone.
  2. With the knife, make vertical cuts along the entire cheek of the handle. Then make horizontal cuts to make the cube shapes.
  3. Don’t make the cuts too deep, or you’ll cut the cubes before you finish the shape.
  4. Grab the cheek by the ends and push it out.
  5. Cut the cubes by passing the knife through the skin of the mango.
how to cut a mango quickly and easily 2022
how to cut a mango quickly and easily 2022

Cut slices of mango

This way of cutting a mango is ideal if the mango is still very green and you notice that you will not peel it easily. In these cases, always remember to use a very sharp knife and carefully make the cuts. Follow these steps to slice it:

  1. Cut both cheeks of the mango without touching the bone.
  2. Cut the mango cheek into slices.
  3. You can eat them like this (like a miniature watermelon) or peel the skin with a knife.
  4. Chop the slices as you prefer.

See the details of all our mango peeling tricks in the video below.

How to peel a mango for juice

If you don’t care about the shape of the mango, these methods of peeling it will be perfect for you. It will be ready in no time, so you can prepare juices or add them to dessert recipes like this mango mousse.

Peel the cheek of the mango

If the mango is ripe or not very green, this will be one of the easiest and fastest peeling fruit. You will only need a sharp knife and follow these steps:

  1. Cut the cheeks of the mango without touching the bone.
  2. Cut the entire cheek edge of the mango until it separates from the skin.
  3. Take two ends of the handle and push the cheek out until separate the pulp entirely.
  4. Cut the mango as you like.
how to cut a mango quickly and easily 2022

Peel the whole mango

Although this is an efficient way to peel the mango, it may not be the most ideal if you need to cut it for decoration. However, it can be used to cut it faster if you make mango juice. Follow these steps if you prefer to peel the whole mango:

  1. Make a vertical cut from the tip of one mango to the other.
  2. Now make another cut in the direction perpendicular to the first cut.
  3. Hold the mango in the middle and peel off the skin easily at the point where the two cuts meet.
  4. Do the same with all skin sections, and you will have the whole mango.

How to peel a mango with a glass

Do you have a very, very ripe mango? When the fruit is very mature, it is easy to make a mess when peeling or cutting it. It has a lot of juice, and the pulp is very soft, so you could get dirty quickly. For those cases, the idea is to peel the mango with glass to contain the pulp in one place, and you will not have to clean too much. Note that this mango peeling trick will not work if the mango is green.

  1. Cut both cheeks of the mango without touching the bone.
  2. Take a wide and large glass. Bury the glass in the cheek of the handle.
  3. Try, little by little, to extract the pulp of the mango by cutting it with the glass.
  4. When you are finished, right the glass, so the pulp falls into it. Ready!

How to peel a green mango

Peeling and cutting a green mango is a challenge. The shell is difficult to remove, and the above methods may not work as effectively. If this is your case, we advise you to let the mango ripen to enjoy a sweeter taste. However, if you like the tartness of mangoes, you can easily peel them using this method:

  1. Cut off both ends of the handle to make them flat. In this way, you will be able to rest the handle on a table with stability and without the risk of cutting yourself.
  2. Go cutting the skin of the mango with a sharp knife until you have it completely peeled.
  3. Cut the cheeks and chop the mango as you prefer: in cubes, slices, sheets, etc.

Whichever method you use, you will find that the skin around the bone is more difficult to remove. You can try to cut it up as much as possible, but keep in mind that the closer the fruit is to the stone, the more acidic and less juicy the mango flavor will be.

how to cut a mango quickly and easily 2022
how to cut a mango quickly and easily 2022

How to eat a mango

Do you have the mango ready, cut to your liking? In addition to eating it alone, there are many recipes to use this delicious tropical fruit. You can accompany it with ice cream or use it to make mango ice cream. You can prepare it in desserts or use it for savory recipes like these breaded chicken fajitas with mango sauce. In RecetasGratis, there are a lot of options for you; here are some of our favorites:

  • guacamole with mango
  • spinach and mango salad
  • Coconut and mango jelly
  • Mango and lemon cheesecake

If you liked the article How to peel a mango easily and quickly, we suggest you enter our

Do you peel mango before cutting?

Take a mango half and use a knife to make lengthwise and crosswise cuts in it, but try not to cut through the peel. Invert the mango half, so the cut segments stick out like a hedgehog.

Do you eat the skin of a mango?

Mango peels are usually safe to eat on their own, but can be unpleasant to eat raw. One way to extract some of the nutrients from the mango skin is to make mango peel syrup. Combine a pound of mango pits and peels, a quartered lemon or lime, and a half-pound of sugar

how to cut a mango quickly and easily 2022
how to cut a mango quickly and easily 2022

What part of the mango is poisonous?

The sap and peel of mangoes are highly TOXIC, although not specifically poisonous. Mangos can cause a dermatitis-type response very much like POISON IVY for those with skin conditions and/or poison ivy. Mango skin contains urushiol oil—the same substance in poison ivy that causes rashes.

Why is mango bad for you?

Mango is very rich in fire and high consumption of fibrous fruits can cause diarrhoea issues. – Mango contains a chemical called urushiol. People who are sensitive to this chemical can start experiencing dermatitis too. It’s a skin issue where people get inflamed skin that can become flaky, blistery and itchy.

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how to cut a mango quickly and easily 2022

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