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Home » How To Grow Plum Tree Garden Planting 2022

How To Grow Plum Tree Garden Planting 2022

How To Grow Plum Tree Garden Planting 2022

How To Grow Plum Tree Garden Planting 2022

Fertilize plum trees in late winter with a balanced granular fertilizer and protect them from severe frost. Plum trees can give abundant harvests; check that the weight of the branches does not threaten to break them, and have a support of reeds and string ready in case you need to support them.

The most appropriate material for the plum container is terracotta, plastic or glazed ceramic. Plumtree pruning Plum tree pruning is very similar to nectarine and peach trees and responds very well to the open cup training system.

It does not require as much pinching as the nectarine or peach tree, and it does need more thinning of small shoots and branches to obtain larger fruits in young trees.

The plum (Prunus domestica) is a fruit tree belonging to the Rosaceae family and the Prunus genus, whose official origin was the entire area of ​​​​the Caucasus, Anatolia, and Persia.

How To Grow Plum Tree Garden Planting 2022

It is one of the most accessible fruit trees to grow due to its excellent resistance to cold, even though it has an early flowering that late spring frosts can damage.

Therefore, the ideal climate for growing plums is temperate. European varieties are pretty resistant to spring frosts, but Japanese and American types are more demanding in temperature and humidity. Any of the varieties are sensitive to times of drought and wind.

Regarding the soil, the plum tree is a tree that supports limestone and humidity very well due to its external root system. For this reason, it does not need profound areas as it happens with other fruit trees of the same family.


The plum tree is a not-too-tall deciduous tree that can reach 10 meters in height but usually stays at 5 or 6 meters. Its trunk stands out for having a bark of a very characteristic color that could be defined as bright bluish-green and can be smooth or cracked.

Oblong serrated leaves, finely hairy. Solitary white flowers with many bilobed stamens and anthers. Yellow, red, or violet-colored drupe fruit covered with a whitish wax. The seed remains inside the bone or endocarp.

The main plum varieties grown in Spain are:

How To Grow Plum Tree Garden Planting 2022

  • Golden Japan: Japanese plum, very vigorous and fertile, very early yellow fruits harvested in June.
  • Santa Rosa: Large, red-skinned fruit harvested in July.
  • Reina Claudia Verde: Green fruit is harvested from July to August, suitable for making preserves.
  • Reina Claudia de Oullins: Low sugar fruit, light green and golden. It is harvested in July.
How To Grow Plum Tree Garden Planting 2022

Plum flowers and fruit

Plum flowers appear solitary, are white, and have buds with a kind of scales that are rough to the touch.

The fruit that we know by the name plum is a round drupe that can be of different colors depending on the variety of plums: white, green, red, or yellow. Some sweeter than others, of course.

In conclusion, it can be said that the plum tree is a very resistant and easy-to-grow fruit tree that offers a wide variety of species so that each horticulturist can choose which one is most appropriate for their area and climate.


It is the most rustic of the fruit trees and what can be grown further north or at higher altitudes, not so much the Japanese species. It withstands heavy or too humid soils better than the other fruit trees.

The cultivation works are usually in all fruit trees: plowing, fertilizing, watering, where appropriate, weeding, pruning, thinning the fruit, and harvesting.

Besides fruit producers, various species or varieties of plum trees are also used to graft other fruit trees, such as the almond tree, the apricot tree, the peach tree, or the plum tree itself. Above all, it is used so that the trees support soils that are too heavy or humid that could rot the roots.

Delighting yourself with a tasty plum jam is something we look forward to when the harvest approaches, or contemplate the landscape produced by the beautiful white flowers that the plum tree offers us.

How To Grow Plum Tree Garden Planting 2022

Plum is a fruit tree whose scientific name is Prunus domestica and belongs to the Rosaceae family. It is a plant known since ancient times.

Its origin is located in the territories belonging to Persia and Anatolia (current Turkey). Today, in addition to these original countries, in Europe, it is also grown in Spain and Germany. Likewise, its cultivation is known in America: Argentina, Chile, United States. Similarly, in South Africa and China.

The plum tree is a tree with a green trunk with bluish tones, whose structure is due to its variety. It is a thick cup. This plant can reach between 5 and 6 meters in height, sometimes reaching 10 meters.

It has elongated and toothed leaves. The flowers are white and sprout alone; they have many stamens and anthers with two lobes.

 This deciduous tree produces a fruit characterized by its flavor and meatiness, with a hard bone-like seed, with a particular color between yellow and violet red. 


How To Grow Plum Tree Garden Planting 2022

Golden Japan: It is a variety of plant that provides yellow plums. He is strong and very productive. 

Santa Rosa: They are large and red plums. Its harvest is located in July.

Reina Claudia Verde: This variety is used in the production of preserves, and its harvest is between July and August.

Queen Claudia of Oullins: It is harvested in July. It is a little sweet, green and gold.

Uses and medicinal properties of the plum tree

The plum can be consumed fresh or natural. Delicious compotes, jams, cakes, and aromatic liqueurs can also be prepared. 

The plum is a food rich in fiber, which is valuable for proper digestion and regular intestinal functions. In addition, it provides the body with vitamins C, E, and K.

How To Grow Plum Tree Garden Planting 2022

Due to its sorbitol content, it is given depurative use. Likewise, it has minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium, and calcium, being very useful in cases of anemia.

Plum is also used to take care of eyesight and brain function. Due to its antioxidant properties, it is also used to combat aging. 

Care and cultivation

The Plum tree is straightforward to grow; following the recommendations that we share with you, you will be able to have a beautiful specimen and enjoy its delicious fruit.

This plant can be grown directly in the ground or pots. Its propagation can be done by seeds, shoots, cuttings, and grafting.

Reproduction by cuttings is the most used, and the important thing is that, regardless of the method you select, the plant has the necessary conditions to grow healthy and strong.

How To Grow Plum Tree Garden Planting 2022

• The perfect climate for Plum trees is temperate. 

• The appropriate land for cultivating plum trees is limestone and humid. Its shallow roots do not require a more significant depth. You must be attentive to the drainage of the soil or substrate and, above all, its pH, which must be between 5.5 and 6.5. 

• It is essential to pay attention to the location. This plant demands enough sunlight to grow optimally. 

• Its watering must be regular so that the humidity is conserved, but it does not become waterlogged.  

• Fertilizing should preferably be done at the end of winter with granulated fertilizers if you grow it in a pot. 

• About pruning, this should be done on healthy shoots. New trees are pruned in spring and older ones before the end of summer. 

How To Grow Plum Tree Garden Planting 2022

Cone-shaped pruning is recommended so that all branches can enjoy the sunlight.

• Important: this tree usually offers us bountiful harvests desired by the birds. It would help if you protected them by placing a mesh on them to prevent them from being bitten.  

• The plum tree must be protected from aphids, the pernicious cochineal or San José louse, the fruit fly, the plum and pear hippocampal, and the apple and plum spider mite among other pests and diseases that attack the tree.  

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