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Home » Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022

Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022

Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022

Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022

The snow pea is an edible-pod pea with flat pods and thin pod walls. It is eaten whole, with both the seeds and the pod, while still unripe.

  • Species: Pisum sativum
  • Cultivar group: Macrocarpon Group
  • Nutrition facts
  • Snow peas (edible pea pods), raw (1 cup), contains 4.8g total carbs, 3.1g net carbs, 0.1g fat, 1.8g protein, and 26 calories.
  • Potassium

Health benefits of Snow peas

  • Principle Nutrient Value Percent of RDA
  • Potassium 200 mg 4%
  • Minerals
  • Calcium 43 mg 4%
  • Copper 0.079 mg 9%
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They both have a sweet, pea-like taste (for obvious reasons). Snow pea shoots are also a delicacy — look for perky green leaves and tendrils, and the smaller the leaves and stems, the more tender the greens will be.


Choose a sturdy plastic container that will hold up outdoors year-round. Look for light colors, which allow snow pea plant roots to remain cooler. A cheap plastic dishpan about 16 inches long by 14 inches wide by 8 inches tall makes an acceptable container for growing dwarf snow peas.

When it is said that green is the color of spring, it is not in vain. You just have to look at the markets to see how the seasonal products are dyed in this tone: Swiss chard, spinach, asparagus, broad beans, artichokes, spring garlic, peas… and it is also time to enjoy the snow peas.

Halfway between green beans and peas, snow peas have the peculiarity of being a vegetable that practically everything is used for, thanks to the tender texture of their pods. Although they are grown in various regions of Spain, it is still a little-known product that deserves to be claimed.

Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022

You will recognize them by their pods: this is what snow peas are like

Snow peas belong to the same family as the common pea or Pisum sativum. Therefore, it is also a legume. At a culinary level, you are interested in the immature seeds of these climbing plants, which grow inside long pods that hang from them.

But we already know that, although botanically we would talk about legumes, gastronomically they are vegetables, just like fresh beans.

From their appearance, it may seem that they are simply peas harvested very soon, but in reality, snow peas are a specific variety of this species; we are talking about Pisum sativum var. macrocarpum. Sometimes the scientific name is confused with that of Pisum sativum var. Saccharum.

In the most literal translation of the name in English, they are also known as peas or snow peas. There are two more tender varieties in Anglo-Saxon vocabulary derived from the common pea, called sugar peassnow peas or snap peas, whose pods are edible but more arduous.

Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022

In France, where snow peas are highly appreciated, they are known as pois mangetout (peas that are eaten whole) or also pois gourmand, evidencing the gourmet product treatment in haute cuisine.

The nickname “snow pea” seems to come from the belief that it is grown in the dead of winter, and while it is true that it is a plant that grows in the cold, its growing season is not remarkably different from the more common pea. It does have a much shorter season since it is harvested earlier and does not support a very long post-harvest, as it is incredibly delicate.

This vegetable is always presented with whole pods, light green, slightly yellowish, and an approximate length of seven to ten centimeters. They are easily recognized by their flat profile in which the tiny internal seeds protrude, the immature peas, even smaller than the tear.

Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022
Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022

Nutritional properties

Snow peas offer properties and benefits similar to peas, although some differences are notable. They are less energetic, with just under 50 kcal per 100g, and they also provide fewer carbohydrates as they have fewer natural sugars. They are richer in fiber, mainly because they are eaten from the whole pod, but their protein content is slightly lower.

It is, therefore, a low-calorie but satiating vegetable that is an excellent source of vitamins and vegetable minerals. It stands out for its contribution of antioxidants, with 60 mg of vitamin C per 100, as well as vitamin K and, to a lesser extent, others from group B -thiamine or B1, pantothenic acid or B5 and B6, fundamentally-.

They are deficient in fat, like all vegetables, and their water content must also be highlighted since their consumption helps maintain proper hydration. One of its significant advantages is that it keeps almost all of its properties intact when prepared with short cooking times.

How to choose them, preserve them and take advantage of them in the kitchen

The ideal would be to buy snow peas exposed in bulk in a market, freshly harvested and still with part of the peduncle or stem attached to the pod, as it is also edible. However, they usually reach the usual stores packaged after different post-harvest treatments.

It is essential to choose snow peas paying attention to the date of harvest and packaging, looking for the most recent. The best specimens will be those that show a light green, uniform color, without stains, damage, or signs of moisture. The skin and texture should be smooth, firm, and crisp.

At home, we can keep them, out of the container, in the vegetable drawer of the fridge, or a not too cold area, without washing or piling them up too much. It is best to consume them as soon as possible to enjoy all their properties since much of their charm is entirely in the pod’s fresh texture.

We will wash them gently under the tap just when we are going to cook them, discarding the spoiled copies. If they only have some external damage, these parts can be cut, but in the case of mold or signs of rot due to humidity, they must be thrown away whole.

Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022
Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022

Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022

Then it is advisable to dry them well, always very delicately not to break the pods. These are 100% edible, so we don’t need to remove any external threads or filaments; it is more common to cut the ends slightly, although more aesthetic. It is not necessary.

When preparing them, the more negligible cooking, the better. They can be sautéed directly, although it is easier to find the precise texture if they are blanched or blanched first, between one and two minutes in boiling water or, better, steamed.

It is advisable to have a container prepared over ice that stops cooking instantly, maintaining its slightly crunchy texture and beautiful bright green color. If they are going to be added to a pan or wok later, it is best to blanch them for just a minute.

They are ideal to combine in stir-fries and works with other vegetables, pieces of meat or fish, and shellfish, also with rice or Asian-type pasta. We can incorporate them into a spring stew, an omelet, or a scrambled egg or consume them in a warm or cold salad. They can also be made into a puree, cream, or a hummus-like spread, though we lose their texture.

Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022

Like any vegetable, they can be chopped and mashed to incorporate into preparations such as meatballs, croquettes, pancakes, hamburgers, or vegetable medallions. They are delicious in soups and added whole at the end of cooking, as is usually done with fresh spinach.

Due to its slightly sweet flavor but less pronounced than the pea, the mangetout admits all kinds of dressings, being delicious with Asian sauces and spicy touches. The good idea is to combine it with different textures to enhance the crunchiness, such as with sesame or nuts, and highlight its bright color with other contrasting shades.

Three recipes with snow peas to discover this vegetable

Still somewhat difficult to find in some areas of Spain, it is worth looking for snow peas in our trusted shops at this time, when they are in season. 

These three recipes serve as an example to illustrate how easy it is to prepare them and how playful they can be in our spring kitchen.

Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022
Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022

Snow peas with smoked salmon

Ingredients for two people. 400 g sugar snap peas, one clove garlic, minced, one minced chili or fresh chili, one lemon, 120-150 g smoked salmon, salt, black pepper, minced chives, extra virgin olive oil.

Elaboration. Once the sugar snap peas are clean, heat water in a pot and prepare the steam basket to cook them. It can also be made in a bamboo basket, steamer, or microwave. It is recommended to have a large bowl with ice ready to stop the cooking—steam when the water boils for no more than two minutes, preferably just over a minute.

Let cool by pouring them into a tray or over ice. Heat a little oil in a frying pan, brown the garlic and part of the chili and add the snow peas. Add salt and pepper and sauté a little to take on color. Remove. Serve the snow peas with the salmon on top, chives, and the reserved chili pepper. Dress with olive oil lemon juice and add a little zest.

Snow peas salad with tuna pancakes

Ingredients for four people. 300 g of fresh snow peas, 200 g of natural tuna, one egg, one large spring onion (2 if they are small), breadcrumbs, fresh parsley, thyme, oregano, extra virgin olive oil, 1 Greek yogurt, the juice of half lemon, salt, and pepper.

Elaboration. Peel and finely chop the white part of the spring onion, reserving the green position. Brown it over medium heat in a pan with a couple of tablespoons of oil. Blanch the snow peas for a minute in plenty of boiling salted water and transfer them to a bowl with water and ice.

Mix the well-drained and crumbled tuna with the fried onion, the beaten egg, two pinches of thyme and oregano, and two teaspoons of chopped fresh parsley. Gradually add breadcrumbs until you get a manageable texture.

Beat the yogurt with the lemon juice, salt, pepper, the green part of the finely chopped spring onion, and a tablespoon of olive oil. In a frying pan over medium heat with a bit of oil, place pancakes about 6 cm in diameter made with the tuna dough, let them brown for about two minutes on each side.

Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022
Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022

Tofu croquettes with snow peas

Ingredients. 300 g of tofu, one large carrot, five snow peas, two mushrooms, two eggs, 30 ml of mirin, 15 ml of soy sauce, one teaspoon of sugar, three heaping tablespoons of breadcrumbs, salt, and extra virgin olive oil.

Elaboration. Drain the tofu, wrap it in several sheets of kitchen paper, put a weight on top, and leave it for half an hour. Drain, dry, and blend with the eggs, mirin, soy, and sugar until a homogeneous mass emerges. Blanch the snow peas for a minute in boiling water, cut them in half and cut them into thin sticks. Grate the carrot into thin strips and chop them.

Wash the mushrooms, remove the root, and chop them into fine squares. Add the vegetables to the tofu dough together with the breadcrumbs and mix. We rectify salt. Shape the croquettes with the help of two spoons and fry them in boiling oil; let them dry the excess fat on a kitchen paper and serve hot.

The difference between dry peas and green peas

Green peas and dry peas are two varieties of the same thing: the pea plant, known more specifically as Pisum sativum. The dry pea is a variety of fresh green peas that is naturally dehydrated.

green peas

Green peas are a common cold-weather vegetable that comes in various forms, including garden peas, snap peas, and split peas. When they are fresh, they are sweet and juicy. Green peas have rich nutritional content; they are high in iron, fiber, and vitamin C.

dried peas

Dry peas are made by allowing fresh green peas to ripen in the pod and then set outside to dry for about two weeks. They are usually split in half and are known as split peas.


Both fresh and dry green peas have a high nutritional level and are high in protein, iron, fiber, and vitamin C. Dry peas can be stored much longer than green peas; fresh peas will only keep for two to three days in the refrigerator, while dried peas can be kept for several months. 

Green peas can be eaten raw or cooked, but dry peas always need to be cooked before eating.

Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022

Are snow peas and snap peas the same thing?

Snow peas are a slightly tender — yet crisp — sweet pea. Sugar snap peas are also tender yet crisp but tend to have a sweeter flavor profile, as they’re crossed with the garden pea. In fact, they’re often considered the most flavorful variety of pea. Snow peas and sugar snap peas have very similar flavors

Is there another name for snow peas?

Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker and Ethan Becker, lists snow peas’ other names: sugar peas, Mennonite peas and Chinese peas. … Buying tips: Choose fresh-looking peas with bright-colored pods. Peak season is spring and fall, notes “Food Lover’s Companion,” but they’re available year-round.

Why are they called snow peas?

➢ Why are they called “snow” peas? Some say it’s because they can appear white if the light reflects a certain way off their pods. But most say it’s because the peas grow very early in the season and aren’t deterred by frost or snow. … White flowers bloom on the vine and then the pea pods grow out of the flowers.

Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022

What are snow peas good for?

In terms of their nutrient content, snow peas are packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, potassium, dietary fiber, magnesium, folic acid, and small levels of healthy fats. … They also lack cholesterol, making them a filling, yet nutritious dietary component

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Snow Peas With Butter and Lemon difference between dry peas 2022

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