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Home » Spring Season of New Beginnings Definition, Dates, & Facts 2022

Spring Season of New Beginnings Definition, Dates, & Facts 2022

Spring Season of New Beginnings Definition, Dates, & Facts 2022

Spring Season of New Beginnings Definition, Dates, & Facts 2022

Spring, also known as springtime, is one of the four temperate seasons, succeeding winter and preceding summer. There are various technical definitions of spring, but local usage of the term varies according to local climate, cultures and customs.

Spring is one of the year’s seasons, characterized by the flowering of numerous plants and mild temperatures. It is a time that begins after winter and ends with the beginning of the summer season. Like the other seasons, it does not co-occur in the two hemispheres, so it starts on a specific date in each one.

It is one of the four seasons into which the year is divided, considered one of the most beautiful, which begins with the spring equinox, which takes place on September 22 and 23 in the southern hemisphere, and on March 20 and 21. in the northern hemisphere. In general, it is a season that people associate with youth, joy, and rebirth, being a precise antonym of the terms death and sadness.

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Table of Contents

  • Definition
  • etymological meaning
  • Characteristics
  • Most pleasant season of the year
  • change in animal behavior
  • spring months
  • Spring equinox
  • History
  • Traditional celebrations and culture
Spring Season of New Beginnings Definition, Dates, & Facts 2022


Spring is a season where numerous plant species bloom. In this, the landscapes are filled with color, and all the fields and green areas in many regions, present a lively and cheerful aspect. In this season, the days last longer, and the greening of numerous plant kingdoms arises.

It can be said that spring, along with summer, is one of the seasons that most promotes joy in people, promoting art in all its expressions and creating a radical change in the energy of many people, especially those who study astronomy. And possess insights into planetary and seasonal effects.

etymological meaning

The term spring derives from the vulgar Latin “prima,” which is defined as first. On the other hand, “see” comes from veris, which means spring. Likewise, it is pointed out that the word can come from the word “Ver Primum,” which has as a concept “previous summer season” or “at the beginning of summer.” Thus, spring corresponds to the period that precedes summer.

Similarly, there is the Latin term “primeval” and “primævus,” which, according to Virgil, means to be in the flower of age. Precisely for this reason, the term “spring of life” is used.


Spring is known as the season of flowers, so it has many defining characteristics, including the following:

Spring Season of New Beginnings Definition, Dates, & Facts 2022

Most pleasant season of the year

Many people consider spring as the most pleasant season of the year, and this is due to increased humidity, mild temperatures, increased rainfall, and flowering. In general, thanks to the modification of the different landscapes, this season is much more contemplative and joyful.

change in animal behavior

With the arrival of spring, animals also show a change in their behavior. Most of them tend to come out of the hibernation period. Likewise, pollinating species, such as bees and hummingbirds, increase their activity due to flowering. In this way, they significantly interfere with the reproductive cycle of plants.

spring months

Spring, as a season, takes place in certain months, either in the northern or southern hemisphere. These months are as follows:

  • May: Considered the month of flowers, it includes the first period of spring, where flowers and plants reach their peak of growth and beauty.
  • April is the month in which the Earth, together with the flowers, opens. Also, sunlight tends to be much more intense.
  • September: begins spring in the southern hemisphere and ends in December. It is characterized by hot days and the flowering of different species.

Spring equinox

Spring Season of New Beginnings Definition, Dates, & Facts 2022
Spring Season of New Beginnings Definition, Dates, & Facts 2022

The beginning of this season is marked by the spring equinox, which represents the average position of the Sun concerning the Earth. Therefore, the northern and southern hemispheres will not present more or less illumination, but rather the Sun shines directly on the equator so that both hemispheres will give equal luminosity.

This phenomenon generally takes place at two times of the year: in March and in September. As a result, the equinox causes all days and nights to have the same length.


Spring is a season that brings joy and is also linked to astronomy and Greek mythology, with two key characters in the flower season: Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, and her daughter Persephone, who was very playful and happy. One day, the young woman found a strange cave, where she met the Lord of the Underworld, Hades, with whom she ended up falling in love.

It is said that Hades kidnapped Persephone and took her to the Underworld; other stories indicate that Persephone convinced this god to take her away. The fact was, the young girl became the queen of the Underworld. 

It aroused the fury of Demeter, who was devastated after the loss of her daughter, to which Hades proposed a deal: that Persephone spends some months with him and others with her mother 

Thus, winter is when Demeter “cries” for the absence of her daughter.

Meanwhile, spring is when Persephone shows up to spend time with her mother, making Demeter very happy. As a result, he fills the fields with beautiful flowers to welcome his beloved daughter.

Spring Season of New Beginnings Definition, Dates, & Facts 2022

Traditional celebrations and culture

There are numerous traditional celebrations and culture related to spring, which varies according to the country. In some territories, it usually coincides with conventional festivals, among the most important are:

  • Nowruz, in Central Asia – a time symbolizing new life in Iran, celebrated on the spring equinox.
  • Spring Equinox in Teotihuacán, Mexico: People visit the Teotihuacán pyramid this holiday and climb to the top to get energy from the Sun.
  • The Cheese Rolling Festival in Gloucester, England – a celebration where a wheel of cheese is rolled down “Cooper’s Hill.” Then, the participants must run after her, with the winner reaching the finish line first.

Spring is a season that stands out for many characteristics, making it a joyful season with exciting history and festivities to learn about.

Climate change is already affecting the seasons

Citizen scientists observe changes in the seasons that could lead to imbalances for plants and animals.

key points

  • Climate change alters the seasons and impacts plants that need pollinators, migratory animals, and people.
  • One of the recorded changes is that as the global climate warms, events such as flowering may occur earlier in the year.

What is phenology, and why should we care?

Spring Season of New Beginnings Definition, Dates, & Facts 2022
Spring Season of New Beginnings Definition, Dates, & Facts 2022

Phenology studies the timing of biological events such as flowering, leaf fall, hibernation, and migration about season and climate. As the global weather warms, phenology changes: flowering may occur earlier in the year. Phenology analysis is a great way to study some of the measurable impacts of climate change.

What is happening with climate change and the seasons?

Do you think that climate change is only a problem for the future? Think about it one more time. Climate change is already happening: it is changing the seasons, and this means a lot for plants that need pollinators, for migratory animals, and finally, for people.

GLACIERS IN DANGER In Peru’s Pastoruri National Park, climate change is causing glaciers to melt faster each year. © Daniel Maraña/TNC Photography Contest

Over time, the study of regular changes in seasons and in plants (such as the start of the rainy season, the first leaf to fall, etc.) is known as phenology.

Citizen scientists observe and record these changes through projects likeOld Weather, Project BudBurst, eBird, and others.

They’re tracking changes that can lead to imbalances for plants and animals, like migratory birds that typically arrive at the right place with the appearance of berries or like bears that come from far away to eat migratory salmon.

WAITING FOR SALMON Climate change affects the migration patterns of species such as salmon and impacts the animals that feed on them. © Tracey Hunnewell

What does science say?

Scientists have associated many changes in the environment with climate change. Some examples include:

  • Some bird species have shifted their post-migration arrival date by an average of 0.8 days earlier for each °C of warming, and some species have arrived 3-6 days earlier.
  • Salmon in the Auke Creek drainage area, which continues to warm, have significantly changed their migration date over the last four decades.
  • Forest insects in Europe and North America are expanding their range.
  • The elk migration date has already been altered enough for hunters to obtain the necessary meat for their consumption during the legal hunting season.
  • The melting of the Arctic Sea has fueled the phytoplankton bloom in autumn.
  • Peak bloom dates for cherry trees in Washington, DC’s Tidal Basin have moved up about five days for the first time since 1921.
Spring Season of New Beginnings Definition, Dates, & Facts 2022
Spring Season of New Beginnings Definition, Dates, & Facts 2022

taking action

  • Young people: agents of change for a planet at risk
  • From Agreements to Action: Lessons from Katowice
  • Risk and reward of climate action

Some animals have shown surprising resilience, such as the trout that surprised scientists by keeping up with the salmon even as the latter’s migration date changed.

With other creatures, like hummingbirds, the results can still be seen. Past research has vehemently argued that their migration depends on the length of days – a factor that would not change with climate change. It could lead to an imbalance between the migratory pattern and climatic factors such as flower blooms.

Citizen science projects like  Journey North are tracking hummingbirds to see if the migration will change. It and similar citizen science efforts will be critical to carrying out conservation initiatives as the climate changes.

Why is this important?

It affects us all. Not just plants, not just wildlife, not just grandchildren: all of us, starting now. Some of the factors identified with the most significant impact are:

Consider the example mentioned above: the phenology of salmon migration is already changing, and in turn, trout migration as well. That will impact fish markets, livelihoods, and the diets of many people who depend on salmon for food and income.

Likewise, food security could be affected if mismatches occur between the arrival of pollinators, such as wild bees, and the flowering of agricultural plants.

Fortunately, although their phenology is changing in response to climate, for now, wild bees and agricultural plants have kept pace with each other and appear to be driven by the same climatic factors.

discover solutions

Get to know the Climate Action Manual

Spring Season of New Beginnings Definition, Dates, & Facts 2022
Spring Season of New Beginnings Definition, Dates, & Facts 2022

In summary

Climate change is already impacting our world experience, from changes in the seasons to changes in the animals we observe.

Because the climate is already changing and won’t stop changing immediately (even if we end human-caused carbon emissions), conserving in a changing environment will require creative thinking.

The good news is that there are already people planning. For example, they plan nature reserves that will be resilient to future climates, such as protecting the slope on beaches that sea turtles need to nest so that this space remains even as sea levels rise.

Better yet, you too can be part of the solution by contributing to citizen science efforts that monitor phenology, such as  Old Weather,  Project BudBurst,  IceWatch USA, and others.

What happens in spring season?

Spring is a time when flowers bloom and trees begin to grow and reproduce. The days grow longer and the temperature in most areas become more temperate. You can also contemplate the melting of ice and thawing of the ground.

Which is spring season?

spring, in climatology, season of the year between winter and summer during which temperatures gradually rise.

Why spring is best season?

Spring’s warmer weather and increased daylight hours make it the best season. Taking walks and seeing flowers in bloom are also part of what makes spring so great.

Why is spring called spring?

Unsurprisingly, the spring season gets its name from the verb “spring.” It’s a nod to the flowers and plants springing up, springing open, and bursting into blossom. … Prior to that, the word “Lent” was used to describe the season.

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Spring Season of New Beginnings Definition, Dates, & Facts 2022

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