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Home » What is Belgian endive Gratin Recipe How to Buy 2022

What is Belgian endive Gratin Recipe How to Buy 2022

What is Belgian endive

What is Belgian endive Gratin Recipe How to Buy 2022

Belgian endive, also known as Brussels radicchio, is a type of salad that belongs to the same family as radicchio and endive and shares a slightly bitter taste with them.

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The delicate-looking, slightly bitter Belgian endive, which originates from the country of its namesake, shows up a lot in salads, especially French-inspired ones. Although chefs love it, dismissing it as just a fancy salad green ignores the fact that it also shines when baked, grilled, slow-cooked, or eaten raw on a crudités platter. It is that versatile.

What is Belgian endive?

Belgian endive is small, cylindrical lettuce about 6 inches long with pale yellow leaves that are compact and have slightly curved edges. It is moderately bitter and grows just below the ground in dark rooms, just like mushrooms, to maintain its light color and preserve its delicate flavor.

What is Belgian endive Gratin Recipe How to Buy 2022

It’s a pretty fancy green, and given its imported status and labor-intensive harvesting methods, it’s not cheap either. But if you want to serve something different with your grilled chicken or fish, it’s a surprisingly good side dish, adding a bit of complexity to a meal.

How to cook with Belgian endive

Belgian endive is very easy to clean and prepare. Remove some of the outer leaves, cut off the stem, and proceed according to your recipe preparation instructions. Chopped, it can be used in salads, braised whole, or baked as a side dish. The leaves can be separated and used as edible plates for small snacks or saucers. The compact heads of the endive can be brushed with vinaigrette and roasted, an excellent accompaniment to grilled fish.

Another variety is red endive or radicchio, which is round and has deep red or variegated leaves that make it a favorite in salads to add color and flavor. Radicchio is also great roasted; add it to a pasta dish, for example, or stir-fry. It can also work in raw salads like coleslaw because it’s sturdy, and its bitter hue adds a surprise.

What does it taste like?

Belgian endive can be an acquired taste, but any given bitter green, for example, can work as a counterpoint to other sweet and sour flavors that may be present in a dish. Belgian endive offers a crisp texture, a refined, almost elegant appearance, and a slightly bitter taste experience. Baking will transform their flavors, softening and softening them.

Belgian endive recipes

Yes, Belgian endive is excellent for the kinds of salads that call for poached eggs and bacon, but try it in a creamy soup or citrus-accented salad. Store it, bake it or grill it. Then, pull out your favorite olive oil and balsamic vinegar, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and you’ve got a quick-cooking side dish that won’t bore you. It’s hard to go wrong.

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Where to buy Belgian endive

You can find this endive sold plain, whole, and bagless, and it’s relatively easy to spot because of its distinctive color, shape, and texture.

Its regular season, like all radicchio, is fall and winter, so that you can find it in the markets during cooler weather. Endive is generally available year-round in grocery stores, and radicchio sometimes appears in a prepackaged green salad mix.

Look for leaves that are crisp, tight, and white to pale yellow. You don’t want a wilting head with leaves falling off or browning around the edges.


Belgian endive looks pretty dainty, but don’t let that fool you. If stored unwashed in the refrigerator’s crisper drawer, it should be kept for at least a week. Red endive, or chicory, holds a little longer.

Nutrition and benefits

Belgian endive contains vitamins A, C, K, and folic acid, along with potassium, calcium, magnesium, and a powerful flavonoid called kaempferol, which is being studied for its cancer-fighting abilities.


Endive, in general, is a bit confusing and a bit complicated. It does not refer to a single type of green but the leafy part of any of the bitter-tasting plants in the chicory family.

The other two main types are frisée curly endive and escarole broadleaf endive for cooking. Frisée is an unmistakably bushy head of curly vegetables with lacy leaves. It looks a bit unruly on the plate, like a mane, adding an unusual visual contrast to the foods it’s paired with

Frisée is slightly bitter and is often used in salads for its texture and flavor, but it can also be sautéed. To further cloud the conversation, in the UK, the frisée is called endive.

Broadleaf endive belongs to the same genus and species as endive but is a different variant; it is sometimes called escarole. The leaves are longer and more extensive than the others, with wavy edges. Clean it like you would any other lettuce, whether you’re eating it raw or cooked with it, making it easy and familiar to prepare.

Because it is less bitter than the other two varieties and resembles lettuce, albeit a bit edgy, the inner, lighter-colored leaves can easily be used in salads. Endive tends to pair well with assertive cheeses, such as blue cheeses. The darker outer leaves are more bitter and not as tender but cut them for soup and cooked dishes.

What is Belgian endive Gratin Recipe How to Buy 2022
What is Belgian endive Gratin Recipe How to Buy 2022


Are you looking for a seasonal side dish a little different than usual? Nature comes to our aid and, even in winter, offers us excellent raw materials to create tasty and genuine dishes such as Belgian endive au gratin. Belgian endive, also known as Brussels radicchio, is a type of salad that belongs to the same family as radicchio and endive and shares a slightly bitter aftertaste with them. 

Thanks to its low caloric intake, a precious ally in the diet, Belgian endive is very easy to prepare and can be consumed both cooked and raw, as in the recipe for endive cheese jars. We have embellished endive au gratin with crunchy oregano breading that, once baked, will give the vegetables an irresistible additional team that everyone will appreciate,


  • Belgian endive 500 g
  • Hard breadcrumbs 50 g
  • Parmigiano Reggiano PDO to grate 30 g
  • dried oregano one teaspoon
  • Extra virgin olive oil 20 g
  • salt to taste
  • black pepper to taste


To prepare Belgian endive au gratin, preheat the oven to 200° on static mode, then rinse the Belgian endive heads under running water and cut them half lengthwise with a knife. One. Put the endive aside and prepare the breading: cut the stale bread into cubes, then pour it into a mixer and blend to crumble evenly 3.

Transfer the chopped stale bread to a bowl, add the grated Parmesan 4 and oregano 5, then season with salt and pepper and mix everything well. Now take a drip tray lined with parchment paper and place the Belgian endive you cut earlier with the outside facing down.6.

Spread the breading over the Belgian endive trying to cover it completely 7, then add a splash of oil eight and bake in a static oven at 200 ° for about 15 minutes, until the breading is golden 9. Your gratin Belgian endive is ready to serve!


It is advisable to serve the gratin endive immediately or store it in the refrigerator, in an airtight container, for a maximum of 1-2 days. Freezing is not recommended.


Customize the Belgian Endive Gratin recipe to suit your tastes: pecorino instead of Parmesan for a more robust flavor, sweet or smoked paprika instead of oregano for a spicy note, or choose your favorite herb!


Belgian endive is one of the few vegetables whose date of birth is known: Around 1850, a botanist named Brézier learned that a farmer had inadvertently left some wild chicory roots in a cellar in the dark, which had produced some Elongated white shoots with a pleasant taste.

 Brézier continued this experiment, managing to improve the quality of the product until, in 1879, the Belgian endive officially made its first appearance in the central markets of Paris!

Frequently Asked Questions: Belgian Endive

What is Belgian endive Gratin Recipe How to Buy 2022
What is Belgian endive Gratin Recipe How to Buy 2022

What does Belgian endive taste like?

What Is the Flavor of Endive? Endives can be enjoyed both raw or cooked. When raw, endives are crisp and bitter, making them a great addition to salads. When cooked, endive’s sharp flavor softens into a mellow, nutty sweetness.

What are Belgium endives?

Belgian endive is related to chicory and is a head of white leaves with yellow tips. There is also a red variety with red-tipped leaves. It has a mild, bitter flavor. It is popular in soups and salads.

What is the difference between endive and Belgian endive?

Endive is closely related to and often confused with its cousin, chicory. Belgian endive (also known as French endive or witloof) is a small (6 inch) cigar-shaped head of cream-colored, tightly packed slightly bitter leaves. Belgian endive is grown in complete darkness to prevent it from turning green.

How do you eat Belgian endives?

Slice the endive in thin strips and add to any of your favorite salads. Great on the Grill. Brush each endive with olive oil then grill until browned and slightly wilted on grilled side. Top with balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and toasted walnuts.

Why is endive so expensive?

Why is it so expensive? The major reason is the rather complicated growing procedure involved. Endive must be planted twice, first during the chilly North Sea spring when seeds are sown to produce the long, carrot-shaped root from which the endive eventually grows.

Is endive like lettuce?

Belgian endive is a small, cylindrical head of lettuce (about 6 inches in length) with pale yellow leaves that are tightly packed and feature slightly curly edges. It is moderately bitter and grown just beneath the soil in dark rooms, much like mushrooms, to keep it light in color and preserve its delicate flavor.

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